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Elderly Care – The Live in Option

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The issue of elderly care is one that is set to grow and become even more prominent in political debates as the population gets older.People are now living much longer than they did even a few decades ago and whilst in many ways it’s a welcome development, it has also thrown up many new problems. Only last week the coalition government was forced on the defensive when they failed to include a bill on social care in the Queens Speech. What is becoming clear is that we will have to look at new ways of caring for our old and vulnerable in the coming years. The state will obviously take a fundamental role in providing direction, but more and more it will become important for ordinary people to take the initiative

The kind of care an elderly person may require will depend on any number of factors, that’s why it’s so important to get the right kind of advice as early as possible. If an elderly person is suffering from a chronic condition such as Alzheimer’s and is finding it difficult to carry out basic everyday tasks, then it’s time the family sought help and advice to work out the best course of action to take. One solution that is increasingly finding favour with families who find themselves in this situation in live in care. Most elderly people wish to remain in their home as long as they possibly can. The stress of moving to a residential care home can often exasperate their illness. They worry about losing independence, being lonely, being abandoned and research has shown that elderly people actually respond to treatment much better when they are in their home surroundings. In cases such as these it’s quite common to opt for a live in care solution, where a professional carer lives in the home of the elderly person, in their own room, and is on hand to help with everyday tasks, to make sure they take their medicine, and to be a barrier against loneliness. These types of services needn’t be permanent, they can be temporary, just to get a patient through the aftermath of an illness or operation for instance. But they can be much more economical solution than uprooting an elderly person and transferring them to a permanent place in a nursing home.

It is of course important that the family chooses the right home aide, and finds someone able to give the correct care their loved one deserves. Professional home live in care givers are usually highly trained and very dedicated people, and are used to dealing with elderly patients who have a multitude of problems. A live in care solution care isn’t right in all circumstances but more and more families are opting for this as it keeps their elderly relative in their own home and gives them the help and care that they so badly need. And as more and more of us face this dilemma in the future, and politicians debate the best way forward, the live in care solution might provide the best way forward for millions of people..


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  • Posted On May 27, 2012
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