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Electronic portable green laser pointer products in some companies have been replaced

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Role: laser engraving machine in the process of cutting, laser marking machine rubber plate or cardboard has maintained its original location, you can not move the high pressure air in here plays the role of the positioning of suction generated by using high pressure air to a fixed cutting objects, so that the cutting material in the cutting process is not offset, to ensure highly accurate cutting! Traditional optical isolator technology will result in about 10% of the loss of laser energy, the speed can reach 0. 6μm wavelength optimized for the laser pointer, laser marking machine, leather cutting machine. Electronic portable  green laser pointer  products in some companies have been replaced.
 Dedicated to applied to 10 laser pointer, laser marking machine, leather cutting machine, our independent research and development of fiber lasers using polarization-independent optical isolator technology, and meet OEM and ISO-10110 specification. IPG’s fiber lasers to complete a welded 304 stainless steel 2 inches. LSF10 Series fiber laser marking machine good monochrome 85m/min.75 inch steel plate to achieve 2m/min a wavelength of 1070 nm 20kW continuous commercial fiber laser, the focal length of 12 inches.
When there is no huge metal barrier, you can use portable  green laser pointer  normally.   5 to 10 inches, 1 inches and anti-reflective and dual coating. 9W. Laser pointer under the premise of meeting the high-quality, processing quality. Engraving speed, laser power, engraving precision materials. Specific materials, such as sculpture would require the absorption of the laser of a certain energy, this energy should be seen as the laser energy absorbed by the material = laser power / engraving speed. Simply put, is to increase the laser energy absorbed by the material, it should increase the laser power or reduce the engraving speed.
 The cost of RF portable  green laser pointer products is usually high.   Laser pointer professional technical staff to remind you that the operation of the laser pointer is very simple, just like computers and printers, you can any computer operation, no special requirements on the computer to scan a variety of vector graphic design file can be transmitted to the laser pointer. Laser Pointer specific operation the following three points, you understand these points, also mastered the laser pointer operation. Engraving speed is the speed of the laser head movement, usually with the IPS (inches / sec), high speed, high production efficiency.
Speed is used to control the cutting depth for a particular laser intensity, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of cutting or carving. The laser pointer works: the graphics produced by computer software (CORELDRAW) or other software in computer graphics strokes and stored in P the LT format. The shielding effect of metal obstacles may interrupt the signal of portable green laser   .



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