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Elongated Labia – A Thing of the Past

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Labia reduction or labiaplasty is now quite a well known surgery among women who desire to decrease the size of their labia minora. Labiaplasty helps lessen the size of the obtrude labia minora, so they can be comfortable with their sexual lives.

Women in Sydney Australia general have a tendency to have elongated labia minora that are the inner vagina lips, which if protruding, are quite prevailing as the labia majora, which are the outer vaginal lips. In order to experience comfortable about their private parts, women at the present time choose for labiaplasty or labia reduction, as we know to deal with any such abnormality in the labia minora.

Due to any inconsistency or deformity that women see in the size of the labia minora, women experience that the ideal solution in hand is labia reduction surgery. Taking into consideration the cosmetic reasons that they have to choose for labiaplasty, is the wish to have a self-assurance boost to sexual life and reduce all inhibitions that hurdle limiting any sexual pleasure. The major feature these women are distressed with is the resizing of the labia minora, so that they do not stick out out the labia majora making them feel uneasy or mindful of their personal part.

What cosmetic surgeons asserted about the women favoring to make a decision on for labia reduction most usually has been their consciousness and nervousness towards their sexual life owing to their labia minora issue. However, it has been observed that there are medical grounds related with labiaplasty.

For example, some relate to an indistinguishable soreness at some juncture in sexual intercourse, some desist from wearing a certain type of garments, some stay away from doing exercises like running, swimming or biking, as they rub against the labia minora while others experience hygiene-related troubles since protruding labia has additional moisture and that results in yeast infectivity.


In order to deal with this efficiently, labiaplasty Sydney can be regarded as the most secured answer. There are many Sydney women whose labia are injured or to some extent wounded at some stage in childbirth or even because of an accident. On some occasion, pigmentation can also be an issue where the color dissimilarity on the periphery of the labia minora works as an excellent indication of pigmentation.

Labia reduction operation in Sydney is performed with prepuce lessening as well, where the additional fold of the prepuce tissue is eliminated. This tissue can be seen in the region of the clitoral hood, and the operation can be carried out on both sides. There are women who have either no or very minute prepuce while there are some who have major prepuce. An established fact about labiaplasty is that no tissue is ever eliminated from the center/middle.

The labia plastic surgery is only executed on the sides so that no harm is caused to the nerves. Only the additional tissues are eradicated and in place, thin sutures are placed in two-layer form, this is to resize the labia, which gets its problems rectified within few weeks. The price for labiaplasty is $4,900 inclusive of surgeon, anesthetist and hospital for patients who have private health care fund. Medicare so also refunds some of this cost.


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