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Email issues: Kick Away Loose Ends with a Good SMTP Service

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It’s hard imagining a life without emails. In today’s global village, your co-workers are as likely to be sitting thousands of miles away as at the next desk. Professional dealings, personal exchanges, advertizing blurbs, product promotions, emails figure everywhere. Staying connected round the clock is nothing if not pivotal.

In today’s age and time, when emails aren’t location or device-sensitive, why should outgoing servers be? Mysendmail looks to address this anomaly with an outgoing email service that works as well in the middle of a crowded CA street, as it does in any of the sprawling Montana parks.

Coming good on the premise of anytime-anywhere emailing, Mysendmail’s free SMTP service makes emailing on the go a matter of plain sailing. Best of all, it’s unbelievably easy to use. One simply needs to mark Mysendmail as the outgoing server on his device…and… its done–matter of seconds at best.

When subscribed to Mysendmail’s free SMTP service, you get to send up to ten emails a day absolutely free of cost. For more extensive emailing, premium plans are on. Another great import to modern emailing—attachment—is coalesced easily with on your outgoing emails.

Then again, sending small, wee-sized attachments isn’t as much of a problem as the bulky ones. Mysendmail allows you to send files up to 50MB on a single mail. When large-sized attachments are to be sent, multiple emails with compressed attachments get it done.

But the biggest advantage Mysendmail brings to the table is seamless connectivity on the go. Moving from one network zone into another so often results in email breakdowns. It’s a spin off from flouted device-server settings, which’s almost unavoidable on the go. Such email breakdowns are trying, if not maddening.


Mysendmail SMTP Service is also a great option for bulk emailing as it can work around filters, spam and email blockers to ensure your emails get through all the way to their destination. Remember, technologies deployed to block spam and malicious emails work off legitimate emails too, which’s a real big concern for email marketers and corporate enterprises.


On your next venture, try MySendMail and enjoy hassle-free emailing. Best of all, you won’t have to set up your device from scratch at every single network swop; our server does that in automation.


About MySendMail:

MySendMail is one of the trade brands of Uno Communications, Inc. an Internet Company incorporated in 2005. Headquartered in Boston, MA, MySendMail delivers internet and voice related services globally. To know more about the <a href=>Free SMTP Server</a>, please visit:




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