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Emails Anytime, Anywhere only on the SMTP Mail Server!

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While charting unknown territories– fading networks, device limitations, server issues and a whole host of other issues often drain your mind out. Specifically, when it’s about emailing on the go. What then? Would you pass up the issue for lack of workable choices, or figure a way out. I guess–the latter! Before getting started, gen up on what happens to be the single most important element for email sustenance—SMTP mail server.


When an email is sent out, it stores a copy on the outgoing SMTP email server, from where it’s pushed out to the recipient(s). SMTP Mail Servers are definitive services assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and keep it going only until you are on the same ISP. That however, doesn’t always happen!


When you are moving, you pass through not one but a string of network zones. Network switching then is more a matter of need than choice. While you swop networks, your ISP correspondingly changes too, totally throwing out of balance the fundamental device-server settings.


This in turn breaks the equilibrium such that your outgoing emails are no more accepted on a differently aligned SMTP mail server settings. Before things could really be fixed, your emails give way.


Mysendmail’s Free SMTP Server plugs out all the email hassles of a mobile user. It works in remote areas, over demanding circumstances, even on woozy networks and roiled weather conditions.


On Mysendmail SMTP Server, emailing on iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and in short, on all email clients, is achieved safely and securely from all corners of the globe. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!


Unlike many Free SMTP Services, Mysendmail opens up to existing webmail systems in a blink. You get to send and receive emails on your regular email address(s). There’s no need to move out of your email clients or create multiple email accounts. So if you use Outlook for official correspondence, and Gmail for personal exchanges, it stays that way.

The Free SMTP server is extremely handy for anyone who takes to travelling with an eye to stay connected. It holds great for everyone—from the most seasoned to the highly purposeful traveler.


Other than uninterrupted emailing, the Free SMTP Server escalates email security and privacy to a whole new level of encryption, and is extremely snappy by virtue of the dozens of auto-generated SMTP connections.


If you’re often on the go, look back to figure out how often you were forced into fiddling your device. How often a linkup to another network again meant scrambling against convoluted device settings? On a longish journey, these frequent iterations mean exhaustion to the point of breakdown. With Mysendmail Free SMTP, it’s different!

You ease through your journey without having to look over your emails even once. Mysendmail SMTP Mail Server, in automation, syncs you to networks as they change. The clincher—its absolutely FREE!


To know more about Mysendmail Free SMTP Server, and your device settings for the service, please visit:




Author: The author is CEO at, a SMTP Mail Server from Boston, US. They offer a free <a href=>SMTP Mail Server</a> program absolutely free, with email coverage spanning the world over.



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