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Enclosed area to improve air air door

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When previous you through the shopping malls, grocery stores, storage place door, you’ll suddenly felt such a strong air direct pouring from the ceiling current? The device is called air curtain door, plus they become a real purpose, why they want to install have the responsibility. The air curtain, also known as air doors for the separation of food and beverage industry application environment, temperature control or to combat insects. These units form a powerful fan to create an invisible barrier of air. Usually installed doorway, door pull air curtain air-conditioning, acceleration, and force it through the air curtain. Tire out atmosphere is scattered on to the floor, directly outward and inward. Recirculation air door, from the establishment of the internal circulation of air, to prevent the loss of heating and cooling air to maintain the indoor temperature. Often opens the door to commercial organizations, are often the main users of these products. What do you think, is really what these air curtain? To help you better have a good idea what it is, as just a more powerful version you can imagine, a blower air curtain. It was used in the entrance (or leave) to establish and constantly coming air down the strong current by means of it.

air door, but the external and internal separate coolers or other equipment to prevent insects from entering the food service facilities. The doors have different sizes, can be used to drive through windows, coolers, and loading dock. Air curtains can also work in a combination of plastic doors or swinging plastic doors and windows, often in the entrance walk in coolers and freezers. To protect, to maintain the outside of the odor and smoke from the room. If you have an enclosed area should be kept free of any foul smelling odors, but you need to keep the entrance to the normally open, and then install the door of the air is the best choice. Want to keep dust, dirt and other contaminants from entering your facilities? This equipment is suitable for your requirements. Direct whack in the direction of these pollutants will enter the room, it will prevent it pushed away from the entrance of contaminants. Of course, this is not perfect, because a person may carry the identical pollution, as part of his body or clothing, but the blowing device is a good first line of defense. You need the region’s temperature is kept at a certain level? A typical door can do, but if your staff will be in that room each day, and then the door will not be the best option. Mid-air window curtain air strikes will continue from the outside into the area air. Another option is internal to the pre-positioning in the cooler air curtain. The air curtain to help the food at the same time, maintaining the temperature from the surrounding areas remain at a safe temperature of the cooler. When negative pressure is strong, the air curtain can also be used with make-up fan. Maintenance requirements: For best performance, regular cleaning of air curtains and plastic strip doors. The air purification filter can be used for air curtain. These filters, which often wash aluminum mesh construction, reusable, offering both the benefits of bettering air quality minimizing scents.

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