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Enclosure – Waterproof covering for the LCD Screens

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With the invention of plasma TVs and liquid crystal display which are very much cheaper, lighter and flatter then the cathode ray tubes (CRT) predecessors are now days are very much in use for all sort of purposes not only for the entertainment purpose at homes but also outside the door to do advertisements for the purpose of general awareness about the product they are advertising. These informational screens and digital signage are become very common in the transport hubs, airports, shopping malls and becoming common for outdoor purposes too.

Digital signage receives higher audience attention as compare to that of the indoor screens; these screens are becoming common day by day as they are very informative and useful also many bars and pubs are installing these outdoor screens in order to satisfy more customers. Moreover, placing these screens can be a daunting challenge and can be very expensive but for the sake of protection from the harmful elements which can damage the screen permanently, making an investment again and again in replacing the screen.

The best and common form of installing outside screen now days is to choose the specialist outdoor LCD enclosures for the screens. These are the waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof screens that are designed to make the working of the outdoor screens possible.

Also, it is not possible to keep the normal LCD screens in the outdoor weather but with the availability of technical methods of safeguarding the screens from the outdoor weather has made all this possible. Instead of purchasing an expensive outdoor LCD it is better to make use of the LCD enclosure covering in order to protect the screen from damage and vandalism.

These enclosures are available in numerous sizes from large 75’’ size to small and compact 20” size and in these enclosures LCD of any size can be safely slotted inside. These weatherproof enclosures protect the screen from the rainfall and other harmful radiations and harmful weather effects. Furthermore, outside environment having different temperatures that ranges from extremely hot weather to very cold temperatures which affects the outdoor screen and disable the working of LCD screen. LCD enclosure has internal climatic systems fitted in it which protects the screen automatically. Heaters fix inside the enclosure ensures that the inside temperature will not be too low and the cooling fans fitted inside ensures that there will be no overheating. In this way it stabilizes the inside temperature and protects the screen.

If you are purchasing and LCD to keep it in outdoor place, then don’t forget to buy LCD enclosure with it in order to protect it from harmful outdoor temperature and other damages.


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  • Posted On June 3, 2012
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