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End of term storage, Warwickshire

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The massive growth in Higher and Further Education over recent years shows no sign of slowing, despite recession and increased fees. There are a large number of universities and colleges in Warwickshire, and three large Universities in nearby Birmingham.

Around the end of the academic year, students will leave their accommodation – often provided by the institution in the first year – and need to vacate all their possessions. As an alternative to taking all the accumulated possessions back to the family home and then back again at the start of the next academic year, short-term self storage in Warwickshire provides an alternative solution.

The self storage units offer a wide variety of sizes and flexible rental terms so students – or their parents – pay only for the storage they need. The quality of available Warwickshire storage means that the items are stored in high quality, clean and air tight units, ensuring valuable things – books as well as electrical items, of course – are kept in good condition.

For local students looking for storage Warwickshire offers a number of options –all at great value so there are no further debts to incur. From a few boxes to a household full of items, there are storage units to suit. Access is doubly easy – there is 24/7 access to the units and you can often drive straight to your own unit so it’s easy to load and unload.

Even during term times, students often outgrow their rented rooms and need additional storage. Warwickshire offers a number of self storage solutions for this accumulation of clothes, hi-fi and academic equipment which means they can still be accessed easily.

With the cost of student accommodation locally increasing as demand grows, a sensible option for Warwickshire students would be keep the rented space – in a flat or house – to a minimum and invest in storage. Warwickshire self storage is cheaper per sq foot than student accommodation, and if a group of housemates or colleagues club together the costs per person can be reduced even further.

Parents of Warwickshire-based students can also have peace of mind knowing that when it comes to storage Warwickshire has great value storage units with exceptional security and value. Storing locally means the move between accommodation and home can be done with the family car – no need for expensive van hire.

When it comes to rent-busting and time-saving storage, Warwickshire is 1st class


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  • Posted On June 23, 2012
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