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Enhance the taste and flavor of your bbq dish with special cattleboyz sauces

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Planning a camping trip to the forest or mountain with your friends? Enjoying time on the lap of nature at the day and sitting by the camp fire at the night are experiences that always excite the youths. You surely will have great time out there. But what have you planned for the belly? Will you be taking tin food or will a cook accompany you for preparing lunch and dinner? How about doing it all by yourself? Drop the plan of taking tin food and a cook and instead opt for a BBQ. What you need is a BBQ apparatus, some mouthwatering recipes for a bbq and of course a pack of Cattleboyz sauce.

Preparing bbq becomes a very easy task if you follow Cattleboys recipes for a bbq. Scroll down to get a very popular bbq recipe-Honey Hot Satay Chicken:

First of all you need to take note of the ingredients. Make sure you get all in exact quantity and don’t replace anything with the other. The ingredients you need to prepare Honey Hot Satay Chicken are given below:

·         Take 1 pound and 8 ounces of boneless chicken. Take chicken thighs to get the best taste

For this recipe, you need to prepare a satay sauce. Ingredients that you need for it are-

·         1 tablespoon of oil

·         1 big onion, chopped

·         Half cup of chunky peanut butter

·         Half cup of unsweetened coconut cream

·         3 tablespoons of Cattle Boyz Honey Hot BBQ Sauce

·         Start with trimming the chicken pieces of excess fat and tendons. Cut the pieces to 1 inch cubes.

·         Soak 8 pieces of wooden skewers so that they do not get burnt under the broiler

Preparing the satay sauce:

·         Heat the oil in a saucepan

·         Add the chopped onion and cook them on medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Make sure they get soft.

·         Put the coconut cream, the peanut butter and Cattleboyz Honey Hot BBQ sauce. Be particular about the quantity as less or excess quantity could spoilsport your effort.

·         Cook the ingredients gently, stir occasionally, keeping the heat medium.



Cooking process:

·         Put the chicken pieces on the skewers. After the chicken gets heated, put them on a cold and lightly oiled broiler rack.

·         Cook the meat under a hot broiler for around 5 minutes. Then turn the pieces and repeat the cooking process. If the pieces get tender before 5 minutes, remove them from the burner. To enhance the taste you can brushing pieces with a little bit of the satay sauce while they get cooked.

·         When the pieces get soft, pick them up, put on a plate and serve with the satay sauce. To give the dish a great look, you can garnish it with cilantro. 

To make your bbq dish more flavored you can marinate the chicken in the sauce, cover it and keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

If your trip is long you can note several other mouthwatering recipes for the bbq from but make sure you take only the bbq sauce specified for your recipe. Prepared specially for barbeque recipes, these sauces add a lot to the taste of the grilled meat.

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Enjoy your camping trip with mouthwatering bbq dishes. Log on to and note down excellent recipes for a bbq.


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