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Enjoy downloading and sharing of images at fullest with igambar

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It is great to download images from various sites, as it doesn’t demand money. But ordinary sites as well as picture hosting sites often fail to deliver proper images. While some images meet the requirement size-wise, they are poor in quality and those which are very clear are not of the size that you need. Besides, the ordinary photo hosting sites provide you with limited stock as their galleries contain different versions of same image. If downloading images from the net is just a source of fun for you, these photo hosting sites are okay. But if you are in a profession that requires you to download images of various things very frequently, you need something special. You need a photo sharing and management community where thousands of images are uploaded and shared every day. You need a site that contains pictures taken by experienced professionals from the field of photography as well as amateurs as well as people who take snaps just to capture some moments.

A question might strike your mind that why do you need a site that offers pictures taken by non-professionals? Well, the reason is that sometimes pictures that are taken very casually and not by making perfect adjustments on shutter speeds, lights and angles, serve your purpose better. For example, if you need a beautiful background image, you will look for the perfect frame but if you need an image of a very uncommon place, which doesn’t offer anything interesting for a professional photographer, you would have to rely on pictures taken by somebody who has been there and has taken some snaps just to have fun. is one such photo sharing and management community that can satisfy you in both ways. It is a community for the general people and of the general people and hence professional photographers, amateurs and casual snap takers are equally welcome to display their photographic skill here. Anybody can upload any kind of image here and in any numbers and others can download images as many as they need without paying anything. is a great platform for a professional photographer to showcase his/her great works while general people can use the site for sharing some great moments with their friends through it. Since is open to all, it is way ahead of many other sites, in terms of stock. New images are being uploaded by countless numbers of members from different corners of the world and hence the gallery gets bigger.

You too can share great moments of your trip or picnic or a cultural event or meeting a celebrity accidentally, with your friend through To make searching and finding easier for members, posts images in a categorized manner. There are eight categories under which you can upload your images and download pictures posted by others. Celebrity is a section where you can post images of your accidental meeting with a famous personality, upload image of your pet under Pets category, inform friends about your new two or four-wheeler by posting its image under Automotive category and share great moments of a musical or cultural event under Music and Culture categories. To download images of some hot girls, you can click on the Sexy category and for sports images, you can check out the Sports category.

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  • Posted On January 11, 2012
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