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Ensure Healthy Diet During Eating Disorder Treatment

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Healthy diet is essential to good health in today’s active world. However, eating disorders still exist and have grown in scope and frequency. Eating disorders have been troubling women for a long time and most people don’t realize that Anorexia and Bulimia also are prevalent in males. One in ten males may eventually develop an eating disorder. However with the increase in numbers, the professionals offering eating disorder treatment have also risen. Approaching them for services will help men ensure healthy diet which in turn will improve their overall lifestyle provided the treatment they receive is professional, accurate, and individually tailored to fit the needs of the individual.

There are several differences when it comes to male and female eating disorders, and the best treatment is individualized to the needs of each person. Professionals are well versed and can provide necessary assistance to sufferers of all ages. Males with eating disorders tend to suffer from a great deal of depression and anxiety. Eating disorder is often labeled as a “female problem” which can contribute to why men do not approach experts for eating disorder treatment. This could be one reason why they struggle before eventually seeking help. It has been said that delaying the treatment can reduce the effectiveness of treatment outcomes.

Men with eating disorders typically do not wish to lose weight or necessarily reduce their body mass index; their focus is more on maintaining muscular shape. One of the reasons which lead to eating disorder is that males are more focused on improving their appearance and performance. Compulsive exercising can be a common symptom of an eating disorder. Eating disorder treatment initially starts with a thorough medical evaluation which requires working with a provider who specializes in treatment of males with eating disorders. The feeling of “not exercised enough” is common in performance based eating disorder patients.

When individuals approach therapists, the therapist will usually focus on examining the causes of eating disorder. It is imperative for the patient to receive individualized care for eating disorders as each person’s situation is different. Insurance coverage may or may not cover eating disorder services for males which can be a benefit of working with a professional when seeking care. Even employers of a company can have a positive impact on treatment by offering inpatient treatment for eating disorders in the insurance offered by their organization; this may be a worthy benefit to employees and their spouses.

Men can be successfully treated for eating disorders using a number of different treatment methods such as, CBT, DBT, and ERP. People can be assured that eating disorder treatment does work provided the patient is ready for the experience.

Rudy Rogers is the author of this article on Anorexia Treatment For Males. Find more information, about Inpatient Treatment For Eating Disorders here


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