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Enterprise History of Potash at Various Times

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China began to produce potash at the end of the 1950s. Owing to the influences of such factors as resource conditions and technologies and techniques, the production has long been very low. In 1997 China’s potash (KCl) production was 310,000 tons or 186,000 tons K2O equivalent, which was only 0.72% of the 25.7 million ton (K2O) world production in that year and 6.6% of the demands of China.

In recent years increasing attention has been paid to the use of potassium sulfate as fertilizers of economic crops and orchards with increasing demands for tobacco, fruits, vegetables and other chlorofuge crops. Before 1992, only the Wenzhou General Chemical Plant produced a small amount of potassium sulfate, and afterward some potassium sulfate plants were constructed in many areas. According to the statistics, up to the end of 1997, China had more than potassium sulfate production enterprises with a total production capacity up to 636,000 tons (Table 4.9.1). But owing to small scale and poor economic returns, their production was suspended intermittently. For the new plants whose pilot plant testing has been completed in the past two years, their operations are not ideal owing to such problems as insufficient experience, imperfect technology and incomplete equipment, though part of them have been up to the requirements of the reasonable economic scale. In 1996 their production was only 100,000 tons, in 1997 the production was 220,000 tons and in 1998 the production was 280,000 tons. With continued perfection of the technology and extension of part of the enterprises, however, it may be estimated that China’s production of potassium sulfate can meet the domestic demands in the near furture.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,stone production line,ball mill Welcome all of you to visit our official website: sand maker:


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