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Enzyme Supplements

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Enzyme Supplements should be included in almost everybody’s daily regimen. The importance of enzymes cannot be overstated, as they are responsible for every bio-chemical reaction in the human body. There would be no life without enzymes. So, the question is whether or not our body can produce enough of the one’s it produces, and if we can obtain enough of the one’s we don’t produce from diet alone.

As we age, and are exposed to various environmental factors, our natural production of enzymes decrease. They are also very sensitive molecules, and can be destroyed by such things as a change in your pH. Enzymes are crucial to thousands of normal physiological activities in the human body. An insufficient production of them can severely impact overall health. This is why it is so important to take enzyme supplements.

One of the easiest ways to increase your enzyme levels is to increase your intake of raw foods. Uncooked, unprocessed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables contain natural enzymes that support digestion and overall enzymatic activity. If you do not have a perfect diet, as many of us do not, enzyme supplements make a lot of sense.

There are many benefits to taking enzyme supplements, including anti-inflammatory benefits. Proteolytic enzymes, those that digest proteins, have the ability to neutralize inflammatory substances, and hasten recovery of damaged tissues. They can also improve circulation, and dissolve fibrin clot deposits, thus showing the ability to digest scar tissue. Immune system enhancement is another benefit of taking enzyme supplements.

The great thing about enzyme supplements, is that it gives researchers a chance to come up with formulas that include other nutrients, besides enzymes, that when combined together, enhances the effects of the overall formula. This is significant, as you cannot equal this reaction by simply consuming food. Also, consider the fact that you would have to consume more than a “wheelbarrow full” of fresh fruits and vegetables, and still not get enough of each and every enzyme your body needs.

There are hundreds of enzyme supplements on the market. You will find capsules, powders or pills. The formulas are also extremely varied, not only in what they contain, but how much of each ingredient they contain. Just listing an ingredient on the label, does not mean that there is enough of it to have a therapeutic effect in your body.

Recently, Biomolecular Scientists discovered a method of producing a systemic enzyme formula that is in a liquid form. They were able to encapsulate it into a softgel that is enteric coated. This special coating enables the softgel to make it through the acids of the stomach, down into the small intestine, where it can be fully absorbed. Researchers also included cutting-edge ingredients not found in any other formula. This ground-breaking liquid enzyme supplement is only made by one company in the entire world!

The article about proteolytic enzymes is written by the nutrition specialist Robert Nisenfeld who contributes articles on detox cleanse


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