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Equilibrium Movie critique – Superb Dvd movie to Check out

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After the WW3 mankind has endured great deficits and it was known that the fourth, nobody can survive. Consequently, the Goverment chose to make use of drugs called Prozium to eliminate just about all emotions of the body because it is considered it feelings are cause for wars. So as to help the removal of feelings a brand new branch of law enforcement had been established, Gramat priests, whose soley objective is actually finding as well as destroying anything that might encourage emotions (songs, books, works of art …) as well as the actual people who do not take their dose of Prozim are directly breaking the order of the Father. One morning Prest avoids the typical dose of Prozium and becomes aware of his feelings that he don’t even know existed. It begins to doubt the system that he previously believed was the ideal …
The movie director by Kurt Wimmer used slightly older films such as 1984 as well as Fahrenheit 451 for the preparation of his story, and that i need to acknowledge he offers succeeded to create a film that’s as good as a dramaturgical work as is spectacular in the action moments. Chris is great in the part of Steve Preston. Transformation from a chilly as well as an emotionless automatic robot to a man that can really feel is actually successfully presented on the screen. Imaginable exactly how. Because for the relaxation of the forged they are a bit weaker compared to Bale, but they are all at the required degree.
I must point out the conditions in which this particular movie incurred. Shot about $ 20 zillion, the movie appears aesthetically and technically superbly simple! Costumes, models, atmosphere, things are at the highest degree! So we arrived at the most interesting component, specifically the action series. In Equilibrium are used special fighting techniques, Gun-Katas, in that guns are used as plug-ins of the hand. The tracks of one thousand hot battles allows the grammatical priests to determine the flight of the most typical adversary gunfire as well as reciprocated it allows priests to ensure that you get rid of opponents and remain unscathed, through shifting of the fall behind path. I’m able to only say that these types of moments are magnificent as well as the best thing I’ve seen for many years (yes, We gazed from the Matrix Reloaded
). Last series in between Prest as well as the Dad is truly innovative as well as magnificent, although at first it appears absurd. Music is by me as an ideal environment for a movie, although some complained that they don’t like that although moving action as well as the music become more intense for me personally is just good.
Conclusion: At a time when you go away rubbish such as Terminator 3, Poor Kids Two, Charlie’s Angels 2this is a welcome refreshment for both lovers of action as well as the SFA as well as for people who just want to spend a pleasant 105 minutes in the comfort of their own home.

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