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Essential Facts About Bass Fishing

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If you have ever wanted to start fishing, bass fishing is a great place to start. For those of you that want to try bass fishing, this can be done most of the year at a variety of locations across the country. The excitement of reeling in a bass fish, and seeing how large it is once you have it onshore, or in your boat, is quite a thing to experience. Most of the time people that do this for sport will throw the fish back in the water to maintain the population, although, they are edible.

Fishermen know that they must have a map handy which shows the fishing holes that they will go to so that they can start fishing straightaway. A good map will give you information such as the location of long points and submerged islands, which are some great places to find these fish. Bass are sometimes moved to populate other areas of water in places called creek canals which you can find on lake maps. Bass like to hide under objects in the water. This may be a grouping of rocks, a fallen tree or anything that the bass could use for cover when they hunt for smaller fish.

The fishermen you see wearing hats and sunglasses are doing so for practical reasons, not to make a fashion statement. When you’re on the water all day, you can become sensitive to glare, and this can occur even on days that don’t seem that bright. Polarized sunglasses can help to prevent this from occurring. They can also give you a better view of what’s happening beneath the surface. The best style of polarized sunglasses to use are either the ones with the side shields or the wraparound style. A long brimmed hat can also help you avoid the suns glare and help you when you look into the water.

While not as popular variety with anglers as the largemouth bass, you might want to try catching white bass, also known as sandies. swim upstream to spawn.

You could catch a lot of fish if you have ideal conditions and at the best water temperature of 55 degrees for this activity. Having the correct fishing license as well as following local laws and restrictions is something you want to make sure you are doing during this popular white bass fishing event. To catch this aggressive species of fish you will need a sturdy, medium action pole with a solid bait casting reel.

To help you with bass fishing, there are many tips, suggestions and ideas available. Some you can learn by study, like the ones in the above article, some you learn through experience. Each fishing spot is different and only when you actually fish it and try different methods will you find out what works best and this makes fishing both fun and challenging.

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