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Expecting a baby? Here

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To be able to make our child feels comfortable, it is very important to have a complete list of baby registry list, so that we may not find difficulties when we wish to buy them all.

Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting and fulfilling moment of us mothers. But wait, have you all prepared the baby registry checklists just before you deliver your baby? Well, if not, here is a complete list of baby registry so that you may not miss them all when you plan to have them.

Clothing for baby

Clothing of babies is very important. Correct selection of these items will let them feel very comfortable.
• Onsides
• Sleepers and/or gowns
• Socks
• Hats
• Sweaters
• Snowsuit bag

For carrying the baby

Having a baby carrier will help you and your baby feel safe when going out.
• Front carrier, backpack , and/or sling

For Breastfeeding the Baby

• Nursing pillow and cover
• Breast pump
• Breast milk storage and feeding set
• Insulated carrying case

For Bottle-Feeding the Baby

Correct and complete bottle-feeding equipment for babies will be better.
• Bottles
• Utensils for formula preparation
• Sterilizer, if needed
• Formula
• Assorted nipples
• Bottle and nipple brush

For Feeding the Baby

• Highchair
• Bibs
• Plates and bowls
• Baby utensils
• Food mill, for grinding out food of the baby

For Stimulating the Baby

• Board books
• Gymini
• Soft blocks
• Rattles
• Teething rings
• Puzzles

For Soothing the Baby

Making your baby always comfortable can keep them from frequently crying.
• Receiving blankets (for swaddling)
• Pacifiers
• Music CDs
• Swing

For Taking the Baby Places

• Diaper bag
• Wipes carrying case
• Car seat
• Stroller

For Exercising with the Baby

• Jogging stroller
• Yoga or stroller fitness classes (Stroller Strides, etc.)

For Diapering the Baby

• Diaper pail
• changing pad or changing table

For Cloth-Diapering the Baby
• Cloth diapers
• Cloth wipes
• Wet bag
• Waterproof diaper covers
• Pins, or diaper fastener

For Disposable-Diapering the Baby

• Disposable diapers
• Disposable wipes
• Wipes warmer
• Diaper rash cream

For Putting the Baby to Bed

• Co-sleeper and/or bed rails
• Crib
• Sheets and accessories for co-sleeper and/or crib
• Portable crib
• Waterproof crib pads

For Baby-Proofing Supplies

• Outlet covers
• Baby gates
• Door latches
• Toilet latch
• Non-slip tub mat
• Padding for any sharp table edges
• Doorknob guards
• Stove knob guards

It is not necessary to have them all, what is important is the love, care, comfort and zeal you give them

Heidi Mclaughlin is an experienced and expert home decor planner who specializes in baby furniture and baby gift basket buying with an extensive collection. Her advice on creating a safe and healthy home including information on Baby Registry can help you to buy baby gear cheaply but with unique style.


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