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Experienced criminal lawyers available in Ontario

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Have you ever required Criminal Defence Lawyers Toronto? Here is the story of George Smith who required one though he never ever thought he’ll need one in his wildest dream. George had an arranged marriage. His father had died a couple of years back and had wished that George marries the daughter of his long time business partner and friend. George had been out of Ontario for almost eight years; he completed his studies and was secured a good job. Meanwhile he had visited Ontario quite a few number of times to meet his parents. After his father died, he took his mother along with him to his work place. It was then that his mother told him about his father’s wish and asked him to get married. George me the girl once or twice as a kid. He hardly had any memories regarding her. When they finally met again after so many years, their conversation centered on work, education, life and future. The girl he found was gorgeous and smart. They bonded well and decided to get married. Few months went on well, though they lived in two separate cities, busy in their own world. But George was trying to get settled in Ontario. Once George came back in Ontario, he expected his wife to move in with him in their house. She was reluctant and wanted to continue from her Own accommodation. After several requests and persuasion, she finally came to stay with them. However, she picked up a fight every now and then and insulted him and his family members. At first George ignored those but later it took unprecedented proportions. George had to resort to some strict step. He could not ask him to leave, so he asked her to behave properly and be clear of her intentions. She was infuriated and got violent. She started throwing things and even hurt herself while trying to hurl some sharp object at one of his family members. Later she packed her bag and was gone. George received a call from a law firm a few days later while in his office. There was a divorce case filed by his wife and she had brought charges of assault against him. George was terrified for he is a peace loving and honest guy all his life and his family has a reputation in this part of Toronto. After some investigation he found out a bitter truth that came like adding insult to injury. His wife had a long standing affair and his boyfriend who had been absconding for long had of late returned and his wife and he had got together. George immediately contacted the best assault Lawyer Toronto and Criminal lawyer Toronto. Was his wife’s case strong enough? Could he get justice? Will the shame and insult ever be completely removed? Can he regain his normal life again? Will he be able to smile ever? Or be truly happy? Several different questions crossed in his mind in the next 24 hours, before he met his lawyer. He heard from a dear friend of his that Robi Chaud Law had the best Criminal Defence Lawyers Toronto. George met one of the most senior members of the team and had a long discussion with him. the person was professional and assured him of putting up the best fight to ensure justice. He was assured that his wife’s case was not strong enough and even there were unprecedented turn in the case, the lawyer was well equipped to handle that.


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