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Expert Betting Guidelines For People Trying To Bet On MLB Games

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It’s now time to learn the basics about wagering on baseball. Often times people with say that baseball games are not good to bet because they don’t offer good betting prices. Even with that said, baseball delivers extremely profitable betting lines. This comes down to the “money line” which we will dive into later in this article.

You may be asking, what exactly are “money lines” and why are they so beneficial.

Let’s start with the sheer number of games that’s played each day. Not like football at all, you can expect baseball to be played every single day during the season. The only time where you might see no baseball action going on is during the all star break.

With all these games, this will give Vegas odds makers a very difficult time to produce a real betting line. Also, when you add late injuries into the mix, it also give Vegas a difficult time to produce a betting line last minute. Often times you will notice a money line move move a ton after betting has started. This may be due to late information that came in shortly after the line was set. Here are couple important factors to look at before you place your wager.

This might be the most important step to follow when wagering on any baseball game. When you look to find a place to take your wagers, make sure they are providing “10 cent” odds. In the end, using these betting lines will save you a significant amount of cash.

Below is an example of what a “10 cent” line is.

“10 cent” line

Boston Red Sox +130
New York Yankees -120

“20 cent” line

Tampa Bay Rays +125
New York Yankees -145

You will see a ton of online sportsbooks and local bookies take advantage of these betting lines. Search for the best sportsbook that offers competitive betting lines.

This is the reason why Vegas makes guaranteed money in the long run. As you can see, half the betting action is on one side, and half the action is on the other. Regardless of who wins the game, they will guaranteed themselves a nice little profit.

Now we move onto the real basics. Before selecting our winning pick, what do we need to know?


You may be thinking “no kidding” pitching is important. Even so, this will be completely neglected by most baseball betters. Rather than looking at the pitcher on the mound, people will look at overall team play instead. Baseball in general relies solely on one persons performance, where most sports need overall team play to win. Besides the catcher, the starting pitcher handles the ball the most, which is an average of one hundred times per game.

So now I hope you realize how important pitching is when wagering on baseball games? There are many situations where you can find “valuable” lines when you look at pitching. This will be very true if your pitcher is playing on the road against a popular major league baseball team. Like we said at the beginning of this article. No matter who wins the game, Vegas doesn’t care, they just want the same amount of money on each team. The team that most people put their money on is the most popular team. I hope you can now see how valuable it is to bet on pitching, rather than team play.

Hitting -

Individual hitting streaks rarely get looked into by people who bet on baseball. Instead, they look at how a team in general is doing. While individual player statistics should be handicapped. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap. Make certain you do your homework and understand what each player is doing on the field. In some cases you might notice the best player on a team is not performing very well and is in a deep slump, make sure you don’t put any money on this team. Even if the pitcher has healthy stats, it doesn’t matter, you can’t win a game that’s 1-0.

Before you make your decision, be certain to look at hitting streaks. What do you think will happen if a poor hitting baseball team has their best player struggling at the plate?

The same thing applies to the team that has a player that’s crushing the ball at the plate. If a ball player is hitting the ball very well, this will give you incredible betting value. This game comes down to hand-eye coordination, which is unlike any other sport played. Sometimes players perception can be off, or on. Make sure you check to see how each individual player is performing prior to placing your wager.

Behind Home Plate Umpires

It might sound stupid, who is umping the game will have an impact. Figuring out which umpire is behind home plate is very important. A few umps are very strict on how they call the game Umpires that offer strict strike zones, will give pitchers that rely on location a difficult time. More problems occur for the pitcher when the team he is facing shows discipline and patience at the plate.

These above steps are very important when you first start betting on baseball games. If used correctly, these steps will drastically improve your betting success.

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