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Expert Services of a Riverside DUI Attorney

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In California, drinking and driving is illegal. Having a concentration of blood alcohol of .08 percent or more is what makes it illegal. An individual can only be guilty if proven to be ‘Driving Under the Influence (DUI)’ with reliable evidence. Guilt of an individual cannot be proved on the basis of a reasonable doubt as there are certain procedures to be followed before a person is proven guilty. A Riverside DUI defense attorney has the required skill and experience to protect the rights of individuals who are arrested without taking all the facts into consideration.

It is the responsibility of the arresting officer to follow the correct procedures while having field sobriety tests or chemical tests performed on the drivers. Many cases of drunk driving California encounters are a result of flaws in the tests that are performed to prove the driver’s guilt. Hiring an expert defense lawyer for effective representation in the cases of DUI can help the accused to avoid being convicted for something which is not illegal. An expert Riverside DUI lawyer for defense would be the right choice for best results.

While there are many lawyers in the state of California who work on different types of cases, not all have the required expertise to handle DUI defense cases. A California DUI attorney must know all the aspects of a DUI investigation, affect of alcohol on the human body and testing of sobriety on field. Attorneys in California who practice DUI defense exclusively are the best people to help in these matters. A Riverside DUI defense lawyer must have the reputation of having helped many clients in resolving their cases of driving under the influence.

There are certain procedures in place for proving an individual accused for driving under the influence guilty. Most of the cases of drunk driving California receives are registered without a thorough examination of the driver. An officer who stops a driver under suspicion of DUI must have an appropriate reason for it. There must be clear signs of driving under the influence of alcohol in the individual like bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. After getting clear signs of DUI in the driver, the officer may then ask the individual to go for field sobriety or blood alcohol tests to know the accurate concentration of alcohol in the driver’s blood. If it is found that the level of alcohol is more than the level that law permits, the person can be arrested.

For people who are arrested without a thorough examination being done, it is essential for them to get the right attorney. A good Riverside DUI defense attorney would provide free evaluation for their clients. Recommendations from friends or close relatives who have hired the services of a good DUI attorney in the past and were satisfied with the experience would be very helpful. The internet can also be the best place to find a reputed DUI attorney.

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