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Explosive Chemical : Types, Application and Properties

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The explosives that are being used in the present times are mostly Explosive Chemicals. The basic point of difference between any fuel and an Explosive Chemical is that the fuels have a higher level of potential energy whereas Explosive Chemicals are the ones with higher energy release rates. This release of energy at such a high rate is accompanied with a blasting pressure and explosion.

On a general note, the Explosive Chemicals are classified according to their properties. There are cases where the classification of the Explosive Chemicals is done in accordance to the conditions under which these Explosive Chemicals initiate the detonation. But when used in large quantities, the Explosive Chemicals of almost all kinds are sufficiently capable of producing a DDT reaction, which is the Deflagration to Detonation Transition. The most common Explosive Chemicals are TNT and the Sorbitol Mono Oleate.

Many-a-times, various kinds of Sensitizers are used with the Explosive Chemicals. The Sensitizers are nothing but a certain kind of a substance that helps in the initiation of a detonation wave. This is done by the creation of voids in the air. The range of Sensitizers is highly varied as the Sensitizers can be anything between a simple seed to the glass beads.

Types Of Explosive Chemicals
There are various types of Explosive Chemicals available in the market. These Explosive Chemicals have been classified according to their nature and properties. The Types Of Explosive Chemicals are as follows:
*    Chemical
*    Decomposition Explosive Chemicals
*    Deflagration Explosive Chemicals
*    Detonation Explosive Chemicals
*    Exotic Explosive Chemicals

Properties Of Explosive Chemicals
The Explosive Chemicals are classified into various categories on the basis of the following properties:

*    Sensitivity to initiation
*    Velocity of detonation
*    Stability
*    Strength, Power and Performance
*    Density and Volatility
*    Water resistance
*    Toxicity
*    Explosive train
*    Volume of products of explosion
*    Oxygen balance (OB% or Ω)
*    Chemically pure compounds
*    Mixture of oxidizer and fuel

Applications Of Explosive Chemicals
The Explosive Chemicals have been widely used for a large number of purposes. Some of the common Applications Of Explosive Chemicals are as follows:
*    For Military Purposes
*    For Security Purposes
*    In Civil Engineering
*    In Mining Industry, etc.

Thus, Explosive Chemical is among the important requirements for the industrial and military purposes in the modern times. The Explosive Chemical has to be carefully handled though; else the consequences can be fatal. But, that seems to be the case with every resource that is being used by the mankind.
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