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Facial biometric visitor management system

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Technology has gone far away. Every day there is a new technology and tools are being developed to make human life luxurious and better than ever. Some of the technology and tools are destructive where as some of the tools and equipments are constructive. We have to accept the consequence of both side of the science, whether it is being utilized in constructive way to developed new helpful devices or destructive way to make harm to someone. We have to keep updated to both sides of the science. For example, if there is an invention of new destructive weapons then we have to developed device or technology which can be utilized in offensive way to give protection against this weapon.
Many countries that support terrorism activities use this technology in destructive way to harm human being where some of the countries use to get control of these kinds of activities. Instead of talking much about all these technology, weapons, devices or any other equipments, let me discuss about the technology which can be used in our regular life with common people and which can reduce our efforts and give better safety and accuracy . Here I want to discuss about the technology which can enhance the security of your home or premises and which can also track the consequence of action according to your needs.
Security of our home or premises is a key issue and is the thing that we all should be conscious about it. Ignorance the security of your home and premises can cause serious problem which you have not expected ever. Here we are not talking about hiring people to give you security. I want to talk about an automated system which is more accurate, automatic and 100 % reliable when it comes to security. Let me explain about the biometric facial technology and two major systems which can be developed with help of this technology which are visitor management and time attendance.
Introduction to facial biometrics
Unlike log card or any pin no., facial biometrics technology is based on real human features like Eye retina, voice, face, finger prints and signature. These features are used as an authentication for any visitor management or time attendance system. There is an interface with device which requires these features as an input and as result system allows to process if it finds match in its database.
The entire process has been divided in three steps. First is the registration in database so you have to make registration of all your visitors or employees and need to store their physical features. Second step is an authentication of person who tries to access the system. After registration, if someone tries to access the system or the places where you have installed the device, he has to give input for authentication, if the system finds the match it allows to access otherwise it hits the alarm or ask for registration as per your defined system setting. The last step is generating reporting, it generates all tracking reports about who access the system, how much time he remains and other tracking points. This way the technology and devices which can be developed with biometric facial have unique attributes and process for an authentication which provides better safety and accuracy.
As I have said with help of biometric facial, we can integrate systems like Visitor Management system which tracks the entry of your visitors and employees time and attendance software which can track your employee’s attendance and visits. We can also integrate this technology in systems like door access control to give more security to your sensitive place like bank, face recognition system for access of your computer or laptop and home security device.
Benefits of biometric facial technology
• All the devices are fully automated which does not require monitoring by any person.
• Strong identification process which cannot be break down by some hackers or thieves.
• Identification is based on real human features, no need to worry about its damage.
• No extra cost of software or hardware, Can be combined with existing software and hardware equipments.


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