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Facilitating Development of Mobile Applications

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The process of which develops applications for modern day mobile phones in simpler terms is known as mobile application development. Software installed on the mobile phones which perform certain specific tasks takes care of the functioning of the Mobile applications. The software can either be pre-installed or can be downloaded by the user subsequently. There are a number of applications already available in the market and many more are pouring in with improvised ideas based on the requirements voided by the users.

Developing mobile applications is s just one part of the development process, testing the mobile applications is the other part and is equally important. The word testing is self-explanatory and in mobile application development it implies unearthing the hidden bugs and removing them. It certainly is a challenging task as the success or failure of the application rests on this process. The challenge lies in testing the applications across the board for different handsets, different languages and locations. Application development testing generally involves functional, security, performance, load and usability testing. Mobile programming has a pivotal role to play in mobile application development. It is not that easy a task. Understanding the definitions of the desired mobile application and the key components goes a long way in developing a successful application for the mobile phones. Visualizing the different scenarios where the application will be used helps in developing a mobile program for a multilayered mobile application which are not only customer friendly but also ensure quick and easy data processing. Present day consumers and customers stay connected because of the mobile technology.

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  • Posted On August 2, 2012
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