Milling tools, also known as  broaches are usually manufactured from high speed steel or carbide. They may also be manufactured from diamonds. The broaches constitute very effective construction tools. They are easily available and are also priced quite affordably. There are many different types of broaches that exist. If you want to know about some effective broaches, you need to keep some important types in mind:


Different Types of Broaches


  • End Mills and Slot Drills
  • The End Mill is a type of broach which is very commonly used for construction purposes. These are usually used in the vertical milling machines. End mills have teeth which are powerful enough for draining their very own holes. The end milling cutters are characterized by teeth at one end, generally positioned at one side. The Slot drill is another type of broach, very similar in its function to that of the end mill. A slot drill is generally used by construction workers when an end mill fails to perform its job in an adequate manner. Slot drills are distinguished by a single tooth and two floated cutters and are used for cutting what is commonly known as the keyway slots. It cuts into the material directly, using its teeth for breaking through the working material.
  • Roughing End Mill and Involute Gear Cutter
  • The roughing end mill and the involute gear cutter are also well known types of  broaches. The former is used for cutting large chunks in patterns which are wavy. Using this broach however has a disadvantage. The roughing end mill is always known to leave the surface behind extremely rough. Consequently it is also known as a ripping cutter. A roughing end mill maybe easily distinguished by its wavy teeth. Since the wavy teeth are known to minimize vibrations, the roughing end mills are generally used for quiet cutting. The involute gear cutter comes in as many as eight different sizes. They are usually circular in shape and are characterized by twelve cutting teeth. These cutting teeth are positioned around the circumference. There are many dimensions which you can choose from when using such a broach. This in turn, makes the involute gear cutter a most versatile cutting tool.
  • Slab Mill Broach
  • The slab mill ranks among one of the most popular broaches. This is a tool that is used for creating the widest cuts. It is made from very high speed steel. The teeth of a slab mill are situated at helix angle. This enables the teeth to slowly engage, thereby distributing force. It is on horizontal milling machines that the slab mills are used.


Thus, there are various types of broaches which maybe used for construction activities. They are simple to use and perform construction work in a flawless and efficient manner.

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