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Fashion cheap Boots shop

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Psychological Interpretation: high heels = man dazzled, selection of high heels like men, it’s kind of like the truth.To pick a pair of both beautiful and comfortable shoes, is a test of skill.Some women love to shop all right always run, but a try is endless, the heel is too high, the belt is too tight, another pair of style is a bit outdated……Fashion cheap Boots Always pick and choose, finally buy back a lot of shoes, but not necessarily the is practical, may wear a while was thrown, or put it away unheeded.Love to buy shoes women have little chop and change, her heart is not qualitative, particularly in the man’s choice, the standard is always changing. Little love home at least thousands of shoes, each pair of shoes to buy time to love, but also when the epidemic of season.But after a while, she got tired, will find this shoe problems.Her boyfriend and shoes, always come and go.A moment is a poem, while also becoming a businessman, and love sports athletes, as well as the spirit first environmentalists etc..She felt that men over the age of 30 will mature, but too mature, she get along for a long time, and feel there is a generation gap with their own, unable to communicate; until the selected a and their age almost, she felt that although able to communicate, but all aspects of the conditions are not met, especially the material can’t tell if their ratio.She picked the man and choose shoes, no qualitative.Then, her hand in more more, the shoe is also buying more and more in. Coping strategies: the stability of kongfu, heterosexual woman shoes to reduce your own flexibility, and more stability.Love shoes are very cute, they have a myriad of possibilities, and eccentric wizard.But they are somewhat hyperactivity, Fashions Alta Ariella Talon Leopard Boots attention can not well centered.They require only a slight focus in front of the only option on it.You know, no choice is the best choice, there is no way is the best way. Choose the right man, more important than the brand.The man you want is not necessarily the most attractive appearance, the most high-end brand.But it must be put up the most practical, the most comfortable, most known your feet.So, to set aside be flashy without substance selection criteria, and concentrate on never see where to choose a suitable man.Lust not after a draw and happy, but try to slow some, and a love oneself, also have their own good man of in-depth exchanges can be. In fact, men also love high heels, high heels role in medically explained, actually and prosthetic limbs.Its function is to let their legs and body proportions become greater, appear longer legs, in the past, people want to run, Fashions Alta Arielle A Talon Python Boots for catching prey, to escape from harm, to develop their own, so long leg represents better retained their genes, and can better keep gene, and more to attract the opposite sex, easier access to genetic rights.So the people just follow their genes in the password to aesthetic.This also explains why the high-heeled shoes is not unique to women.In the feudal period in the western countries, high-heeled shoes for men to wear, and now the society also has increased for men.Truth comes from this


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  • Posted On July 4, 2012
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