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Fathers Day wonders!

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Father’s Day is fast approaching. I don’t know about how you will be celebrating this day, but I am heading off to my native place to show my dad that the materialistic world has not eaten up my senses. I may be living in a cosmopolitan city but I still live by the sense of belonging. It will be long weekend holiday with mom and dad and I just can’t wait for days to pass before it happens!

And if I am right wonderful souls like you might be wondering what makes a best gift for your loving father. Here am I to solve all your gifting concerns regarding how to honor the efforts and love of a FATHER.

Last time, I wrote about the incredible men’s fragrances but do you really know what the best fragrances are for men. In fact, the scent he wears and the smell he evokes just personifies his character. And this can be equally true for a woman too. So for the approaching Fathers Day, let’s go over some tips to make sure your dad wears what fragrance you gift him and just doesn’t stash it on his wardrobe shelf.

Fragrances worn by men are generally masculine and very often sexy. I believe you understand how eau de parfum for men are indispensable part of the wardrobe for young and old men alike. So, read on and take your favourite pick from the fragrances listed below and available at to be considered as perfect Father’s Day rolls around.


Celebrate Father’s Day by allowing the sweet and floral smell which lingers on and on. With an initial woody smell that settles down fast to give way to a very nice fruity floral aroma.


  • Dehn Al Oudh Qadeem 6 ml CPO

Pay gratitude to your loving father and show him how much you care with this effervescent fragrance. An Assamese oudh, it is prepared through water distillation from Agarwood tree chips and dust. The first whiff from the bottle is exceptionally woody.


Uplift the celebration spirits by gifting your father Jannet El Firdaus. An Alcohol free Swiss Arabian perfume, it has a wild and musky fragrance that will leave your dad mesmerized.


  • Rakaan 927 25 ml CPO

Created for men, this invigorating fragrance epitomizes victory in all sense while leaving everyone entranced in its clasp while making the wearer an absolute victor.


  • Dehn El Oudh Biladi 3ml CPO

Present your dad a unique blend of the finest agars collected from the Far East to create a delicate fragrance.

In case you got something else on mind, you can always go for it but I guess the fragrances make excellent choice as a simple yet perfect gift. So, give your dad the power to wow the wonderful lady who happens to be your beautiful mother with the wide assortment of clean and aromatic men’s fragrances available at >

Well, before I sign off I will make sure to pack lightly and have loads of fun and return back to share scented memories with all of you.



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