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Features of Agra Gharana singer in Kolkata

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Indian culture is enriched with traditional music. Among different types of vocal music, Agra Gharana has never lost its relevancy. Classical music in India has played important role enriching Indian culture. Many great performers of Indian classical music played their role so importantly that made the music famous in not only India but abroad also. Agra Gharana has been mixed up with different types of contemporary gharanas still; the main features of this gharana retained same.

In nineteenth century Agra gharana became familiar as a khayal gharana. The traditional music is still now also popular in the period of modern songs. In modern times people are getting more familiar with the modern songs. The listener group of the Indian vocal classical singers has not been affected by the inception of different kinds of modern music.

Are you an Indian classical songs lover?  Then you are familiar with the names that has played enormous role preserving and promoting the Agra khayal gharana. Most of the Indian emperor nurtured the traditional songs and thus this stream emerged as an independent and renowned cultural milieu. Great musicians have spent their lifetime with these gharanas and spread the classical vocal songs among different parts of India.

The Agra gharana is not only famous in Agra but has been spread all over India. With the enhanced technological systems people are becoming more familiar with the classical songs. People like the songs as these bears the cultural heritage of India and are quality music also. Agencies like, ITC Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata are promoting Agra gharana. Therefore, new generation is also becoming interested learning classical music. What kind of music one likes to learn depends most of time on how much you’re with different kinds of music.

Nowadays, different agencies are taking initiatives promoting classical vocal music. These agencies are at different places in India and nurturing the classical stream of Indian music. Listeners of these songs are also feeling concern with this music as these are the part of our culture. Many institutes are providing training facilities on the same stream. Learning the classical vocal music is time taking and thus interested candidates are joining the course in their childhood.

In Kolkata the khayal Agra gharana has many listeners. People like to listen to Agra Gharana singer in Kolkata. A great demand has been observed nowadays due to participation of the Hindustani classical singers in television and radio channels. With the broadcasts in television people are becoming more concerned with this Agra gharana and getting the taste of difference. Listening to the classical music is of immense pleasure.

If you want to listen to an Agra Gharana singer in Kolkata then you can get information through internet. Or, you can get information from ITC Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata as this agency is working towards promoting Agra Gharana.


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