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Features to Consider During PSD to WordPress Conversion

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PSD to wordpress conversion is a process that has enabled many individuals to create and set up websites easily. Photoshop is a computer application that has many roles in document editing. It is commonly known for its major role in editing of images. However Photoshop can also be used to create website layouts and interfaces before the website can be converted to an active site online. This process is what is referred to as PSD to wordpress conversion.

For the whole process to be completed successfully there has to be an active Internet connection during the conversion. The conversion is carried out by programming experts who understand the various requirements to meet for the website to operate properly. The process of conversion occurs in two phases. In the first phase, the PSD file is converted to XHTML nod in the second phase is the conversion from XHTML to WordPress format. The document if first converted to XHTML in order to maintain the design format of the document. It was earlier discovered that using HTML compromised the layout and design of the PSD files and therefore it is better to convert them to XHTML first.

There are various features of the process of PSD to wordpress conversion that should be considered in order to ensure that the website is perfectly functional.

Cross browser compatibility is an important feature of the process of PSD to wordpress conversion. Cross browser compatibility refers to the compatibility of a website to different internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. During the conversion process, the right measure is set in place to ensure that the website is accessible from any type of browser. This is important as not all internet users use similar browsers.

Search engine optimized encoding is also another important feature to keep in mind during PSD to wordpress conversion. Search engine optimization is an important feature of all websites since this is what makes a website have good internet presence. Search engine optimized coding ensures that the website can benefits from the various SEO techniques that are used in internet marketing, ranking of websites and increasing internet domination of a site.

Customizable widgets are also features of the PSD to wordpress conversion process. During the process of conversion, the widgets are designed to be customizable to WordPress format. XHTML which is a reformation of HTML is more convenient for use and therefore a preferred feature of the conversion process.

For these expert services if the PSD to wordpress conversion, site owners should rely on experienced programmers who will put all the above features into consideration. Without all of these features among others, the website may have problems functioning. The expert process should also be carried out within the shortest turn over time to ensure that the client orders are returned as soon as possible. It is vital for the client to understand the feature of the process in order to know what to expect from the experts. This process is a bit complex and therefore requires the efforts of these webmasters.

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