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Featuring the Margaret River Surf

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Experienced surfers recognize Margaret River surf as one of the very best attractions for surfing. It is located 300 kilometers from Perth and it is actually recognized for its laid-back ambiance and the assortment of waves around the area will without doubt be a challenge for surfers with distinct skill levels.

What helps to make Margaret River such a sought-after surfing vacation destination? With more than 75 top level surf breaks dispersed across 130 kilometres of lovely coastline from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturalise, choices for surfers going to Margaret River are endless. As a result, surfers from all over Australia and the globe have arrived to South West to be intrigued by the Margaret River surf throughout four decades at this point. The area is additionally identified for the annual Margaret River Drug Aware Pro by O’Neil held somewhere during March or maybe April. As well as this, many small contests are presented on a regional level all through the year.

The fantastic surfing conditions are the reasons that help make Margaret River really an excellent place. This section of the pristine Indian Ocean boasts some of the most sparkling waters identified all over the world. You’ll find the very best waves right here month in month out since the temperature does not change here. Margaret River surf is in truth for absolutely everyone no matter whether you are a rookie or an authority surfer.

Throughout the summer, the swell direction is actually from the South in direction of the South West. Through the winter, the swell will come from the western direction or, occasionally, from the northwest. It has to be known that the Margaret River surf breaks can be gentle to massive dependent on the swell.

Featuring its steady waves and beautiful surroundings, Margaret River has absolutely attained a worldwide recognition. It is the aspiration of any surfer worldwide to journey the ideal waves of this region. Come and experience Margaret River surf to really feel the finest surfing breaks you can never find anywhere in the world.

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