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Few insights into Data Storage

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For storing important data or information, we use different storage devices. Very simply spoken, you have this habit of jotting down everyday expenses in your pocket diary. This can also be considered as a storage device.

Nowadays, with innovation of technology, the concept of data storage has changed a lot. Thus the term mainly refers to information stored in your computer of other storage devices like CDs, external hard disks and so on. This article will try to highlight on the electronic storage concept.

We store and retrieve almost any information from the computer be it your digital files, text files, databases, emails and so on. The computer’s storage system can be divided into two main categories i.e. primary and secondary. Have you ever wondered how the computer knows everything? It is because, the central processing unit (CPU) can access relevant information when you have given a command. This information remains stored in the computer memory, which is considered the primary data storage. Thus the RAM plays a vital role in storing, writing or rewriting information.

Secondary storages are considered as those devices which don’t belong to the primary category. This can be anything like computer’s hard disk drive, CD ROMs disks, etc. The hard disk belongs to the onsite storage category since it is designed to remain with the computer or at a single location. Every computer comes with a hard disk drive. Removable storage devices are those which can be separated from the computer. Thus, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, portable hard disks belong to this category. One disadvantage of these types of devices is that data access time is comparatively higher than onsite devices. However, people resort to these storage devices to store huge volume of data and free up computer spaces. These devices can be utilized to maintain computer backup too. Another advantage is that these portable devices can be easily carried to any distant location.

Off-site category includes devices which store data far away from the main computer, i.e. at a distant location. This data can be accessed via internet or direct calls. Advantage of having such data storage is that if anything happens to the computer system, you can easily access the off site device. Few such examples are electronic vaulting, on-line file hosting services, on-line photo sharing sites, etc. However, you can never be very sure about the security factor of off-site storage devices.

Storage process and devices should be decided as per your setup and requirement. If your need is simple then removable storage devices should serve the purpose. However, be careful about keeping these detachable devices at secured place since these often contain confidential and important information.


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