About a year ago FIFA became the most pretty and most sought after soccer game on the planet. This year the game returns with glittering new graphics and awesome sound. The newGame Time Card features added to FIFA 12 will have you dazzling in delight at the enhancements made.FIFA 12 - PC - Cd Key


EA has perfected the ideal in this new release and soccer fans will be smiling all the way to the game shop. FIFA 12 sports used tactical play and boasts features not present in last year’s release. Each new feature makes the game a masterpiece and the gameplay is better than ever. EA has added more tactical defending that makes the game sophisticated and polished. The game is more engaging and in case you employ the right skills your opponent will be forced in to making mistakes and losing the ball. You will must play like a professional when your team is not in possession of the ball. Putting your opponent under extreme pressure doesn’t work in this series, you need actual skill and knowledge of the game to win possession of the ball. In the predecessor you needed to tackle the opponent with the ball in order to gain possession. In this release you need to employ more skill and basically tackling doesn’t give you possession. You can stick a leg out or pretend or fake an injury, but most likely the referee will punish you severely and your team won’t be taking it lightly.


Precision dribbling is another fantastic feature that will make you recognize that it is not all glitter on the filed. Stick to the basics and you can win. Perform all those amazing tricks that make the crowd scream for more and you’ll surely lose the game. Sticking to the boring fundamentals will let you control the ball for most of the game and this is ultimately how teams win in actual life. When players collide, the crunch of bones and flesh is very realistic. The contortions and injuries sustained will look like actual life collisions. Although not plenty of incidents of player collision is present in the game, it nevertheless looks so actual, you will swear you watching the game on TV.


Tactically defending plays an important part of the game. This may not sound fascinating as you will spend less time performing impressive acrobatic skills that wow the crowds and make you more of a film star than a ball player. FIFA 12 is much more realistic than any PC Gameearlier soccer game, and all the glamour and excitement you may be craving will be absent in this game. Last year’s game will make you recognize how crude it was, and the new version will be much more challenging and closer to the actual thing.


No matter which mode you play FIFA 12 is the first game that is so close to the actual thing.


For players who prefer the manager’s office, statistics and logistics will be more fascinating than the actual game on the field. This option teaches you to pay cautious attention to correct management techniques and logical gameplay. Progress will be slow and theXbox 360 Live(Months Card/MS Points) game may be boring in this mode, but plenty of game enthusiasts actually prefer managing the team. The menus are complex and can be tedious to page through all of the choices, but you will discover a myriad of choices that will leaving you gasping in awe and admiration.

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