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Final Fantasy 14 – new version of the game will face complete changes

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Final Fantasy 14, though published long before  E3 have been , it is still the first external display. The new version contains a lot of amazing changes, the new interface to the new area. Needless to say, the players naturally have a lot of questions. Therefore, the Executive Producer Naoki Yoshida answered a lot of updates and game content.

Version 2.0 – alpha testing begins at the end of September

Previous interview, Yoshida said the 2.0 version is scheduled to begin alpha testing the end of September, the BETA will be followed. He pointed out that the 2.0 version of the very great change in many ways can be regarded as a new game, but the game still has a lot of efforts. Yoshida comes to the game is indeed a MMORPG, but before that, it is the RPG, not to mention the “Final Fantasy” series of games.

A large number of different elements will be mixed into the familiar

What are the different players on the game perhaps more interested in, Yoshida said a lot of players familiar elements will be mixed into a large number of different Mission systems such as the guild is still part of the game, but the mechanism is different now. The entire system will be a significant change, it is no longer the only choice for the player alone leveling, game by adding more tasks to create a more traditional gaming experience.

A huge difference in the map

This is not the only change. The map will be before there is a huge difference, at first glance do not feel any changes, but in fact the same place names of the regional outlook has turned heaven and earth to cover the difference. All sites are completely re-create a new look, every corner of the world as a whole can explore richer, but also the distribution of more towns. All these changes are more adventurous, the more things you can do in order to make the game world.

Task,copy and Finder

Large number of new tasks, the proportion of guild tasks during the upgrade process shrink. New copy of the underground city, as well as content Finder to facilitate the players to quickly find the right team. Find a very wide range, if you have a task team, can this tool to build the team.

Production team that the game exists another major problem is that the story plot gaps between. In previous versions, players often finish the task of a story, we need leveling, level to reach a new task requirements. Can be when the players finally reach the level of demand have forgotten the story of what has been said. Therefore, the new version of the new addition a large number of tasks to fill the gap between the large-scale story missions, but also allow players to better understand the game. The 2.0 version includes additional options to allow players to interact and the world as well as the story line.

Yoshida’s opinion upon the renovated FF14

Finally, and the equally important, in answer to the renovated FF14 about whether there was a lot of pressure, Yoshida smiled it is impossible to face no pressure. But at the same time, he said he also felt a sense of accomplishment of the task. Radical change in the sale of a game is facing unprecedented negative evaluation, he sensed the difficulty of developing a team. He also expressed his thanks to the  long supporting players.

However, the players probably need to wait months to see a comprehensive change version 2.0. The good news is that the publicity of the game will start in August, then certainly there will be more related news, new preview release.Let’s look forward to the rebirth of Final Fantasy 14.

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