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Find a New Nanny in 30 Seconds?

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The “Sandra Taylor Agency” of Beverly Hills claims to have a proprietary computer program which does just that.


LOS ANGELES, February 28/Sandra Taylor Agency – The Sandra Taylor Agency , of

Beverly Hills, claims to have a proprietary computer program which can find a nanny

within 30 seconds, who will have all the attributes and skills a prospective employer may



Bob French, manager of the agency, says “It took about eight years to refine our computer

program to reach the capability to find, within 30 seconds, the perfect nanny, according to

the most specific criteria given by a client”, and he adds “with the same method, we can

also find in our database the perfect housekeeper, cook/chef, houseman/butler or even a

companion for the elderly, a domestic couple for the mansion of a famous movie star, or an

estate manager for a busy film producer”.


It seems, according to Mr. French, that they can customize the computer searches based on

as many as 30 different items of criteria. In other words, they can type as many

requirements as they want, including age range, nationality, education level, years of

experience, ages of children they cared for, driving ability, foreign languages, degrees,

salary, and special skills.


“Of course”, said Mr. French, “it may take a little longer than 30 seconds to have the

selected applicant actually on the job, since the employer will have to interview her in

person, the references will have to be verified by our counselors, and to finalize the

transaction, DMV and criminal background checks will be conducted prior to the starting

date of employment”.



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  • Posted On June 11, 2012
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