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Have you been in pain or having a discomfort caused by a tooth? Have you of late been having difficulties when chewing because of tooth related problems? If you have answered yes to one or all of the questions above then feel welcome to Shifa Dental, your top rated local dentist. If you ever feel embarrassed to smile, then our professional and expert dentists can help you achieve a vigorous and shining smile that you’ll be proud to show off. We are a cheap dentist in plano tx and so monetary issues should not be your worry as we put financial gain way behind quality dental services. We offer popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in Plano such as veneers if you have dental abnormalities and with the recommendation of a dentist, you can smile again. Candidates of this procedure are those with chipped teeth or with a space between their teeth. You can request for an appointment at Shifa Dental and our dentist will recommend the best material depending on the nature of your tooth as well guide you through the veneer process.


Many people across the net are always seeking for 24 hour emergency dentist near and have no clue on where to find them. Our teeth being precious need to be taken care of and this is where Shifa Dental comes in. Our dentists use the latest state of the art technology to ensure your overall oral hygiene and with years of experience they have stood the test of time to steer us to the pinnacle of dental success. If you are looking for a cheap dentist in plano tx, then you know just the place to find us. Our focus is to provide the highest quality comprehensive family & cosmetic dental care and put a healthy smile on your face. With the guidance of a dentist at Shifa Dental, we make your oral hygiene worth and say goodbye to all your tooth related problems.


Even if you are pregnant, you are entitled to the services of a dentist but you will need the written permission from your doctor mentioning that you may as well as receive dental care. For the safety of your unborn child as well as your own safety, we may give you basic dental treatments but cannot perform surgical treatments and treatments. Is there a 24 hour emergency dentist near me? This question will no longer linger in your mind once you discover Shifa Dental.


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