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Find Out How to Choose the Best Pediatric Dentist

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You need to be able to trust the pediatric dentist that you choose for your child’s care. The pediatric dentist you choose should also do whatever he can to help your child keep his or her mouth healthy. Not every pediatric dentist has the same skill level, so in your search you will find that some are better than others. Here are some sure-fire ways to help you find the perfect pediatric dentist for you and your child.

Enter the Office: If you are considering a certain pediatric dentist, the first thing you should do is enter the office and get a general feeling for the practice. You want the office to be clean, well organized and safe. A quality pediatric practice is also set up with the children in mind, so there should be a play area and decorations that are entertaining to kids. This is all to make the children feel safe and secure as much as possible. In addition to this, you should observe how the dentist interacts with children and how helpful the office staff is to everyone. If you really want to find out if a certain pediatric dentist is for you, spending time in the office is the best way.

Talk to Day Cares: Pediatric dentists often market at places where children, and their parents, tend to be. At a daycare center, the people who run it, or one of the parents is likely to know about a good pediatric dentist. When you get a name, find out if any of the kids there have been to this dentist. By talking to the parents of any children who are going to this dentist, you can learn many useful things. Call the schools in your area as well, as these are also places that may be able to refer you to a pediatric dentist.

Call Your Friends: There’s a good chance that you have friends with kids the same age as yours. Find out where they take their children to get their teeth cleaned. Your friends are the best people to ask for help, as you know you can believe them. You’ll be able to determine if the dentist is good with kids, if he does good work, if he keeps a clean and organized office, and anything else that’s important to you. It makes sense to ask your friends, who are always ready to give you a helping hand, if they can recommend a pediatric dentist. One of your friends may be able to tell you about a great one. Asking them can only help your search. Word of advice for obtaining a good dentist: Crack open your Yellow Pages and search under “Carmel cosmetic dentist” or wherever you live and scan the listings.

These easy tips will make your search more successful and less stressful. Your kids should like going to their dentist while at the same time getting the dental care they need. Once you’ve located the perfect pediatric dentist you’ll be at ease knowing your kids are in good hands.

Dr James S. Oh is an experienced Carmel dentist. His dental clinic is within minutes of all of Monterey.

James S. Oh, DDS
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Monterey, CA 93940
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