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Finding the Best Methods of Rodent Control

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Although it is not something that people like to talk about, pest control is a must whether you are a renter or a homeowner. Rodents can leave unsightly holes on your lawn, which can do severe damage to the root systems inside the grass itself. Plus, if you have a garden, the root systems of such can also be damaged irreparably. Finding a way to rid yourself and your yard of these nuisances and maintain rodent control irvine is a must.

These yard pests make their homes underground and they live there for the entire year. Their homes are tunnels that they create throughout the yard. Gardeners and those that take pride in their yards will normally notice if a rodent has taken control of the yard by means of mounds of dirt that have been pushed to the surface. This will normally be noticed after a period of rainy days. These are most bound to occur during the spring and fall. If you can see visible damage to your garden plants, that was not the rodent, but some other yard pest. Rodents will damage your garden and grass from below the surface, where the damage is not noticeable until the plants or grass begin to die.

Rodents are not the only pests that dig within your yard. There are also moles and voles that can become a problem. You can decipher which is which by the types of evidence they leave behind in your yard. Mole mounds are like volcanoes, while rodent mounds are more like a horseshoe shape. Voles, on the other hand, do not leave behind mounds, but rather runways in which you can see where he has eaten at your grass or your garden.

pest control irvine companies will help you in your rodent removal tactics. There are poisons, repellants, and also traps that can be used to satisfactorily remove these pests from your yard or garden. In order to trap a rodent, you must decipher what tunnel is his most active “freeway.” To do so, flatten one of the trails or mounds and mark the spot. Check back in about half a day to see if the soil has been pushed back up. If so, you have found the area that is most frequently travelled by the rodent, meaning this is the best place to dig carefully and set your trap. If you would prefer professionals to take care of this for you, Wheeler’s Pest Control is a great company to choose and they have flexible payment options to fit any budget.

If this type of trapping does not work, Wheeler’s will recommend a poison or repellant for you to place within your yard near and around where the rodents usually travel. Wheeler’s will take care of the application for you, so that you do not need to worry about inadvertently poisoning your pets that may have free reign over your yard. With Wheeler’s Pest Control, you can be assured of the best quality pest and rodent control for your money.


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