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Finding the Right Menopause Treatment For Your Symptoms

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Many women wish the tooth fairy would just deliver some pixy dust and “poof” all the miserable pain would be gone. Alternatives to the “magic pill” do exist. Throughout the last three decades scientists have developed a variety of treatments that work to alleviate the stress a woman’s body endures. There are more treatments that are little known including herbal or natural roots, and plants and their derivatives that can also help alleviate symptoms. Many of the options for menopause symptom treatment are quite simple.

Vaginal estrogen has been used to increase vaginal moisture during menopause. It is no surprise that this treatment alone has been known to increase the level of comfort most women feel during sexual activity. It will also assist with female hydration. The UI infections a woman often experiences during menopause have also benefited from the use of this method. One of three methods can be used to insert the estrogen, a ring, cream or tablet are these options. Make sure you talk to your doctor before you begin this treatment!

Your doctor will of course, recommend you try hormone therapy during menopause. The therapy your doctor recommends will be different for you than for others. Studies show hormone replacement therapy to be the most effective treatment available overall. Estrogen therapy can come in the form of oral medications similar to if not the same as birth control pills. Every women is given the dosage that most closely related to her symptoms. Like with most treatments for ailments, don’t use your friend’s medication just because it worked for her! If you decide you might like to try hormone therapy discuss it with your doctor first.

Visit your doctor often. Women going through menopause need to see their doctors more than once each year. Get a checkup every few months. This will help keep your doctor apprised of your symptoms and whether or not the various menopause treatments you try are working. This also helps your doctor regulate any medications you might be taking if you have decided to treat your menopause medicinally. Your doctor will also be able to catch various conditions as they develop by doing regular pap smears and other screeners (like lipid level tests). This will be amazingly helpful later on if you start to develop symptoms of other issues like aging conditions or other diseases. If you think you might need treatment for menopause you should talk to your medical provider to ensure proper health. Many symptoms of menopause can be treated naturally and with smart lifestyle decisions. Few will discover that the natural and lifestyle changes don’t provide enough relief and will seek drug therapy. Every woman is different. For this reason and others it is important to discuss treatments with a medical professional. Never try to go it alone. There is hope, reach out for help and it will be granted.

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