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Finding your sweat rate is fairly simple

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Staying hydrated during the warmest time of the day is vital to preventing heat stroke and other heat related problems. But the key is water. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages won’t do your body any favors and won’t get you the hydration your body needs. If you plan to do some vigorous activity it’s important to know your sweat rate.

Finding your sweat rate is fairly simple. Weigh yourself in the buff before your workout. After you’re done, towel off and weigh again. The difference will be what you’ve lost during your work out. You should replace the difference with water, but not twice that. Too much water comes with its own set of problems.

Never overdo it but look for signs that your body isn’t dealing well with the heat. If you find that you’re suddenly lightheaded, sick to your stomach, headachy or even confused, you need to cool off and get some water. Heat exhaustion can be expressed with symptoms like vomiting, nausea, weakness, headache, or even confusion, aggression, and raving. This means that it’s a good idea never to work out alone in the heat. Finally, never, ever hit the heat without a water bottle. If you find yourself overcome with symptoms it’s best to take a break, drink some water, and call it a day no matter what time it is.

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