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Finistere, The Foremost Tourist Place Of France

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Finistere is located in the north-western tip of France. The department is dominated by miles of sturdy coastline, eminent cliffs, concealed coves and small ports the area is much scenic having many small fishing villages and shore islands to look into that made Finistere very popular. Some of the more renowned holiday spots include the Crozon Peninsula also called the Pointe de Raz. A ferry to France will make you reach this famous tourist site.


Audierne, a magical fishing port having a long marine history, is a lively fishing pier. The area has unusual twisting and constricting streets at the broadside of the hills and the long sandy beach. The town has superb aquarium collection that is opened from April through September. There is a boat trip from Audierne to the Ile de Sein that will unwind the hidden secrets of nature. The Church of Saint Raymond famous for its bell tower constructed in 1631 and also Three boats sculpture located to south and west of the church are also good sight for seeing.


Morlaix is on the northern coast to the south of Roscoff and is at the south end of Morlaix Bay. The town has an enthralling port area and a historical centre. The port is always active in summer time because of the popularity of pleasure craft that aided by the location of the port. The town hosts two famous churches the Gothic style Church of Saint-Melanie constructed in 15th century another is well-known for the renaissance style tower located at the front end of Saint-Mathieu church. The town also has a museum that explicates the architecture and history of Morlaix, located Grand Rue. In Morlaix is also famous for a large music festival held in each April, which attracts more than 10,000 turists to the town.


This is a small island and village located few kilometres away to the west of the Pointe-du-Raz in Finistere department. The main highlight of the island is the main village center that has been classified as the ‘most awesome villages of France’ and it consists of small, typically white painted houses bunched around the port. There are exist two standing chromatics on the island near the church, pointing on how age long the distant island is being inhabited. ‘Abri de Marin’, is the museum of the town that tells the un equaled challenges and lifestyle of living nature on the island. Lot of Cross Channel Ferries are operated on a daily basis to visit this worthy place


Plouezoch is a small town of the Finistere department located to the north of Brittany. The main attraction is the Church of Saint Etienne of 17th century famous for its interiors. The Chateau de Taurea located just off the coast is originally built to stop the English invading the town. The chateau entirely occupies the rock it is located on. Another interesting structure The Cairn de Barnenez, which is an iconic pre-historical structure that is of 6500 years old.


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