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Fit your racer with an Edelbrock Intake System.

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Drag racing is addictive that is for sure. It’s still one of the most popular motorsports in North America. The governing body for drag racing, the NHRA, has over eighty thousand registered drivers to their books in America and Canada. It is then one of the largest motor sport governing bodies on the planet. This is while in North America there are approximately 300 drag strips, when compared with over a thousand oval tracks.

In drag racing there’s a handicapping system, that makes it possible for almost any types of vehicles to compete with each other. This also allows one to use a wide variety of engine and chassis combinations. A few of the Top Fuel dragsters have engines that are capable of running at over 7 thousand horsepower. This is incredible in comparison with some the junior classes that have 5 horsepower engines. These top fuel engines use nitro-methane, which is also used in some explosives and as rocket fuel. It just goes to show how many possible engines are available in drag racing.

Some of the larger engines produce some incredible numbers with regards to fuel consumption and power generated. Here are a few interesting facts:

1. When a top fuel dragster is at full throttle, the engine can use up to 1.5 gallons or 5.5 litres of fuel per second. This is roughly the same amount of fuel a sizable passenger Jet will use during takeoff. The acceleration of these dragsters is actually faster than the usual formula one car, a 747, or even a fighter jet. The forces experienced by the driver are five times higher than the force of gravity. This really is about the same force an Astronaut is going to be subjected to at the launch of a space shuttle.

2. By the end of the run, the spark plug electrodes are completely spent. Midway through the race the engine actually operates like a diesel engine. Towards the end of the race the engine can only be switched off by stopping the fuel flow.

3. The record for a Top Fuel dragster is 4.41 seconds on the quarter mile. This record has stood since 2003, and was set by Tony Schumacher. Schumacher also set the speed record in 2005, a whopping 335 Mph

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