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Five Groups That a Party Planner Has to Pick Carefully

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As an event or party planner, you will have to meet with loads of vendors. The higher the scale of the party, greater will be the number of vendors that you will have to liaise with. They would be quite unique, varying from each other in terms of working style and ethics, rigidity on prices and track record. A lot of event planners have a network of vendors they turn to for greater reliability. If you are starting an event planning career or you are doing it for fun, then you need to certainly create a list of all the vendors that you will have to deal with.

For a party planner, the dealings with vendors would be on two levels. Firstly, there will be the negotiations of cost, depending on the scale of the event, the season, the timing and the overall demand. Based on the cost, one has to pick one out of several quotes. The second level of dealings in event planning, are to do with negotiations on quality of the supplies. This is where the planners have to be really careful about whom they choose. The different vendors you need for a party include florists, catering service providers, party supplies providers, photographers, those who run banquet or party halls, musicians and sound equipment providers, decoration and lighting equipment providers and apparel renters for theme parties.

Every party planner has to be careful about the catering service provider picked. While bad food can undo the good work of the entire event, good food can make up for party mishaps and add a nice finishing touch to a good party. Event planning specialists have to keep the theme in mind and find the right catering service providers. Traditional food, sea food, world cuisines and local cuisines are some of the different options to look into. The sound equipment is another important part of an event. In fact, music is the heart and soul of a party, setting the tone and tempo, the way you need it. It is the icebreaker and it could fuel the main part of the event. There is nothing like a nice karaoke to end the party on a high. So, you have to be careful with the selection of musicians and sound equipment providers.

An ambience is important for people to enjoy themselves. A party planner should therefore be able to visualize the setting and pick the right venue, negotiating with hotel owners for banquet halls with wonderful facilities and great views. Once you have finalized the venue, the decorators and the florists become very important as they can add a lovely touch to the whole atmosphere. Having a beautiful private beach for your event is one thing, setting up the stage, getting beautiful flowers and planning the placement of chairs, buffet counters and dance floors is another. Event planning wouldn’t be complete without a photographer as everyone loves to freeze their beautiful memories. You will always need creative, adaptive and friendly photographers who will be flooded with photo requests.

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