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Five Must-Know for Inimitable T Shirt Screen Printing

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Did you ever notice distinct quotes, funny images, and text on someone’s t-shirt? Wondered what all this stuff is and why the youth is going gaga over it? T-shirts customization has evolved with time and is continuing to become popular. You don’t have to be an artist, graphic designer or typographer to get T Shirt Screen Printing.

You can buy customized t-shirts from hundreds of options available online or you can also think of a design and ask the online store to print the same. Imagining if the task is a daunting one? Well, it isn’t. Here are 10 pro tips for T-shirt designing.

Explore the Concept

Something must have hit your mind only then you are opting for screen printing. So sit back, relax, take a pen and paper and sketch your thoughts. Create new variations; customize it as per your convenience. Your mind must have gone through a lot of brainstorming, well it is important. Take a nap, wake up and jot down something you dreamt or something that delights you. If it comes to you then perfect else explore other options.

Keep it Simple

A great drawing is always appreciated but you don’t need to burn the midnight oil to do the same. Plus, a well-designed t-shirt it grabs the attention of others. Nothing is better than noticing an elegant masterpiece on a tee. Even the most exquisite designs have been the simplest and smooth enough to send the message across.

Consider the Market Trend

This one is crucial. You have to get screen printing as per your preference. Designing for male, female, young and old vary. At the end of the day, you want a product you’ll love to wear. Also take a note of the latest trend but not blindly copy it. If you like the idea then adopt it else it’s your tee, after all, experiment with it and go for your desire.

Don’t Aggravate Humor

If you are planning to go for a humorous design, don’t portrait it as a cheap joke shirt. The most successful humorous tee has a subtle humor. Humor is not everyone’s cup of tea but if done correctly can turn heads.

Set the Colors Right

While planning T Shirt Screen Printing, pick up complementary colors. Click on Global colors if you are using Adobe Photoshop. It doesn’t cost and arm & leg to create incredible designs as this life savior saves ample of time and incorporates creativity.




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