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Five Reasons That Make Laura LaFrate A Top Contender On ANTM Cycle 18!

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She’s got that perfect pale complexion, eyes that are like a beautiful vast expanse of blue, and expressions to die for- Laura LaFrate has been the reason for millions of fans across the globe to tune in to America’s Next Top Model season 18, and savor every bit of her enigmatic charm as the episodes unfolded. As she contends for the top spot on the current season, with Sophie Sumner as her sole opponent, we have a feeling that she’ll be the one to take the crown home. Here’s why-



1.It’s Britain versus America, and she’s American!


Do we need to say more? When one of the finalists is an American, and the other one British, and the show in question is America’s Next Top Model, it’s pretty obvious in whose favor the stakes are! Watch the war of the archrivals on America’s Next Top Model season 18 episode 13, which can be caught online after it airs. 


2.She had the best makeover of the season


If you don’t even remember what Laura looked like when she first auditioned for the show, you aren’t alone! Most of us didn’t even notice her back then, what with the sloppy mop of brown hair on her head. However, as you dig through the past <a href=””>America’s Next Top Model season 18 episodes 13</a>, you’ll be in for quite a surprise, as you witness the dramatic makeover that this beauty had in the Platinum makeover episode. 


3.She’s got a sensational story of transformation


Laura has shared some touching stories from her past, which have definitely earned her a soft spot in the judges’ hearts. She talked about how she emerged from her past as a tomboy, how painful it was to return home to the smell of tomboy, and most heartbreakingly, the story of how she lost her best friend shortly before she auditioned for the show. What remains to be seen on America’s Next Top Model season 18 episode 13, is whether the emotional side of her will help her to grab a spot at the top. 



4.She’s a favorite with the judges


The judges on ANTM have made no efforts to conceal their unbridled love for this American beauty. Kelly Cutrone has been very expressive of how much she loves Laura, and evidently saves her best praises for her. <a href=””>Watch America’s Next Top Model season 18 episode 13 online</a> to see whether the judges will keep their love for her going right till the end. 



5.She’s bagged the top photo more times than Sophie


If the past contests on the season are anything to go by, Laura definitely scores above Sophie, having won the top photo thrice, as opposed to Sophie who’s won it twice. She takes great photos, has her own signature poses, and knows her angles to perfection!


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