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Five Simple Tips to Remember When You Compare Mobile Phone Plans

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For ordinary users like you and I, the already jargon-filled mobile phone plans we encounter while shopping for the right one become even more complicated when we ourselves lack direction. Most newbies are like that, which underlines the need to learn some simple tips we should remember as we pore through different phone plans with varying sets of features. Only five of these tips are highlighted below, but these five are sufficient guides for people unfamiliar with the mobile phone market.

First Tip: When you compare mobile phone plans, look at the monthly rates from one network carrier and measure how much lesser or greater they cost compared to other major mobile carriers. Creating a table of these different mobile plans helps you identify those plans that cater to the low-end market consumers as opposed to the high-end products specifically target for the moneyed class. Basically, the phone brand and the types of value-added features bundled in contribute to the differences in prices between one mobile plan and another.

Second Tip: Before you enter the store, gather all the background information you can about the various features and possible benefits you expect to get from each phone plan. Also, compare mobile plans based on expert reviews and customer testimonials. Knowing about the experience of other users as well as the well-informed opinions of experts in mobile technology helps you reach your own conclusions about the attractiveness of each plan’s features and benefits.

Third Tip: Each mobile plan offers a popular phone brand plus bundled-in services from certain network carriers, such as Verizon or Telstra. Aside from looking over their product’s features, you’ll also have to test the phone’s user-friendliness. For instance, some people may not be keen on buying a touchscreen phone when they feel more comfortable using a QWERTY keypad. Moreover, you should check the costs and availability of peripherals, such as Bluetooth-enabled earphones or a very durable protective casing.

Fourth Tip: The temptation to purchase a mobile phone plan online is too great and with good reason. Websites that sell these plans also provide easy-to-understand charts that compare mobile phone plans from different service providers. Most customers purchase a plan soon after they made their own comparative analysis on which plan offers the most benefits for an affordable rate. However, selecting the plan with the most attractive set of numbers doesn’t always lead to the best decisions.

When purchasing a mobile plan from the Internet, take some more time to investigate the finer details of the contract. Naturally, these comparison tables and charts present an overview of the plan’s best features. A clearer understanding of what you’re really getting into is only reached when you contact one of their representatives and discuss their plans in detail. For example, customers may find themselves “locked” into paying the monthly rate throughout the agreed period despite their low satisfaction rating of the network’s services.

Fifth Tip: Most reliable carriers offer a service guarantee to their customers. Similarly, the phone manufacturers provide a warranty to the users. Beyond these provisions, customers must also take measures to protect their investment. Have your phone insured from theft or accidental loss due to a calamity. The protective casing can only do so much in preventing heat, dust, and moisture from entering the device.

In truth, there are more useful tips out there when it comes to making purchase decisions like this. If you really want to get the best mobile phone plan that fits your budget, then talk to a sales person who can guide you through the process. They’ll likely share with you some friendly advice on how to compare mobile plans. Lastly, take into consideration their recommendations, but make up your own mind for the final decision.

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