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Five Tips on How To Ready For A Job Interview

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Do you have job interview about to happen? Here are 5 tips on how to plan for your job interview.

Tip #1 – Research- Firms now have websites that provide a plenitude of lowdown about their background. Take it further and try to acquire the company on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. The night before your interview, spend 20-30 minutes researching the company’s history, purpose, announcement, accomplishments, promotions, products, and services. The interviewer will be dazzled that you took the time to learn about them.

Tip #2 – Have Down Pat Your Resume – Polish up your resume and know it inside and out. There’s nothing lousy than not aware what’s penned on your resume and having to regularly peer down at your resume when digging for answers. You wrote your resume, you should be familiar with it!

Tip #3 – Suit up to Dazzle – Don’t wait until the final minute to find something to spruce up. I’ve seen applicants come to interviews wearing a top so wrinkled that it looked like it was wound up in a ball. Also, as I cited under Tip #1, be familiar with the company’s accomplishments. Don’t be dressed in a suit if you’re going to interview with an action sports or surf company. At the same time, don’t wear a shorts and sandals if you’re going to interview with a financial services corporation.

Tip #4 – Be On Time – You can at no time have a second first impression. Don’t show up late to a job interview! If you live in an area where traffic is severe, go early! If you live in a town with harsh weather, leave early! Regardless if you own a GPS in your car, print a hard copy of the directions in case your GPS dies on you. If you have the opportunity, a day in advance of your interview, do a dry run and drive by their business. That way, you limit any danger in having a hard time locating the location on the day of your interview. I’ve seen folks show up late to an interview and boy did they look exhausted!

Tip #5 – Role Play – It may sound corny but role playing an interview is like preparation for performance before a play or musical. You can easily acquire a list of interview questions online, print it out and give it to a family member, classmate, or significant other. Have the individual ask you the questions and role play the interview with them. You’ll find that on the day of your interview, the answers will ooze out of you with ease!

Understand these painless five steps in advance of your next interview and we assure you that you’ll see an immediate change with your job interviews. I’ve set-up hundreds of applicants for their interviews and at no time has anyone complained to me that it was a waste of time.

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  • Posted On August 18, 2012
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