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Five top tips for playing online video poker

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Online Video poker is a very popular game and it was one of the first card games to become mechanised in casinos when the technology became available. Some people actually make a reasonable living out of playing online video poker because although like all card games it is a game of chance, skill in deciding which cards to hold and which to discard is a large part of playing, so practice can make – almost – perfect. Everyone has their own tips for playing video poker, but the basics are below.

Tip One:  This is not a race.

Many people new to online video poker but familiar with other online games which are normally played against the clock often are in the habit of rushing through play and not giving reasonable thought to each choice. Your choice of cards to hold on to needs to have a sensible amount of thought given to it – although obviously on odd occasions you will be dealt a dream hand with no second thinking necessary – so don’t rush it unnecessarily.

Tip Two: Chose the pay table with care.

You will find as you look around the different sites that different games will have different pay outs for different hands. They won’t differ hugely, but over time a few pence here or there will end up making a difference – don’t forget, it is theoretically possible for you to make regular winnings at video poker and with this aim in mind, every little helps.
Tip Three: It may seem obvious, but make sure you know the hands.

Most video poker is five card draw and this is pretty much as simple as it gets. With different payouts for different hands displayed clearly on the machine you might think there is no need to be familiar with the hands but you need to know how to decide whether to stick with your aim of royal flush or whether a full house now is better than a possible big payout later – which might not happen. Don’t count your chickens and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – two completely unconnected old sayings which nevertheless are applicable to playing poker. In this respect they mean don’t wait for a card that might never be dealt and don’t throw away a boring but winning hand because you are waiting for something better.

Tip Four: Watch your spending.

Because you play online video poker by yourself – no dealer, no other players – it is easy to go into a world of your own and forget this is real money you are spending. Real money set aside for a bit of video poker is one thing; real money set aside for paying the rent is completely another, so be careful. The same goes for winnings – don’t put them back in the pot to gamble with. Take out the ‘profit’ or in the end you could well end up with nothing and you will always regret it. Video poker like all gambling is meant to be fun.

Tip Five: Watch the clock.

Don’t play for hours on end, even if your budget allows. If you play too long you can get a little ‘punch drunk’ and if you make a note of your winnings against time, you will almost certainly find they get less as you tire, so little and often should be the rule.


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