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Fixes to several windows driver issues

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No matter what manufacturer is your computer or machines part, you could have windows driver issues with audio, Graphics card, NIC card or motherboard etc now and then. Well here, I am gonna share a few of them. Knowing how to fix such issues could work for you one day since the problem could occur on any day. But anyway, I hope you have no such troubles with your machine.;)
1. Audio card
Old audio driver can result in system trouble.
If the sound is gone after you installed Windows XP system on an old Asus computer, the hard disk is the newest and after system testing it shows all right with it. The issue should be with the Asus drivers for the motherboard, or to be exact, with the audio driver attached on the motherboard. Therefore, just search or the audio card manufacture’ site for the latest audio driver, delete the old audio driver and install the newly downloaded one. The sound could be back again after reinstalling.
Mistaking the audio driver leads to system trouble
If we have installed an audio driver that is not compatible with the audio card on the computer, the computer will not recognize the sound. This is especially true with Windows XP since on other windows, the sound can be recognized except that there may be compatibility issue with the TV card or things like that. So, don’t forget to check the Asus motherboard specifications or the type of the audio card attached, especially for windows XP.

2. Graphics card
The Dell computer displays badly that we can’t see words clearly. This problem are normally caused by the fact that the monitor or graphics card doesn’t support high resolution. When the monitor displays terribly, change the startup mode to safe mode, enter the displaying settings and choose “Apply” “ok” when it’s in 16 color status. After restarting the computer, delete the Dell drivers for monitor under Windows normal mode and restart again.
Also, you can edit SYSTEM.INI file in complete DOS environment instead of entering safe mode, change display.drv=pnpdrver to display.drv=vga.drv, save and exit.
Below is a list for possible reasons for computer bad display.
1). Graphics card has bad connection with Graphics signals;
2). Monitor inner errors;
3). Colors are not normal with certain computer programs;
4). Damaged graphics card;
5). The display is magnetized;
6). There is abnormal dots and pictures on the screen.
3. NIC(network interface card)
If the NIC driver is damaged, the NIC will refuse to work though the NIC indicator is still shinning. This issue is mainly due to anti-virus and abnormal computer shutdown. If there is a yellow “!” marked on the NIC icon, that is to say that the NIC driver is abnormal. In this case, reinstall the driver and the NIC could be ok again.


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