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Flickr is how to step by step toward the decline?

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A venture beyond the vision of age group, was a big company slowly killing, missed cruelly social opportunities, both the mobile market, Flickr decline should give all entrepreneurs to warning.
If you want to list those big company bought into decline after the popular product, Flickr must be ranked higher. The that year of a landmark entrepreneurial teams work now increasingly marginalized, ordinary users are flocking to Instagram, Facebook Path of the emerging even photo sharing service and social networks, the professional level users will gradually transferred to 500 px and much more elegant, and easier to use and more cheap professional photo storage service. Even simple hope store photos of users, also have more options, such as Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive.
Flickr from takeover of the encounter, we can see the small team takeover in the big companies like yahoo Air Jordan 5 Glow In The Dark are dying in the unfortunate situation, and missed the opportunity again sad consequences.
Losing yourself
The founder of the Flickr and Caterina Fake Stewart Butterfield is a couple entrepreneurs, first they project is a game, and Flickr is the game a photo sharing service. The future of Internet service has a clear understanding of the couple soon realized that a share online photo products than a game more promising. So they started to Flickr photo finish this online sharing service. This was in 2003, when most people have not yet realized that photos can be online to share.
Flickr release soon after was successful, in 2005, the couple will Flickr sold to Yahoo. And most just acquired business product, at the time, the Flickr looks promising. But Flickr team soon found himself was forced to focus on integration services, not for continuous innovation, and this for its future buried the great hidden dangers.
At that time, the real value lies in its Flickr user community a large number of classification, upload photos of the complete properly label, this is a valuable database resources. But yahoo concern is the huge database itself, and not complete and expand these data users. So yahoo and no new features in order to further expand the development community going to users, but for Flickr team stipulate the strict consolidation plan to Flickr photos of the value of the data into the yahoo in the service of all. Flickr team had to spend a lot of money and manpower to meet yahoo in respect of various kinds of strict requirements, and no more resources to further innovation.
More cruel, because Flickr team contributions to income at the time of the yahoo far less than other major service project (yahoo mail, yahoo sports and so on), so Flickr team can get resources is scarce, the pigalle plato nude 120mm resources leads to Flickr team in complete integration process to develop new properties outside to attract users expand community, and the user community can’t growth and means that cannot contribute more income, can’t contribute more income can’t get more resources. Then appeared dead circulation, Flickr team unable to effectively develop and strengthen their products.
In this the situation of insufficient resources, Flickr team had to cancel the most adding new features to adapt to the new trend of the plan. Flickr missed a wave after wave wave, have no a way from the image field expands to video field, and Youtube have swelled up; And no way to further strengthen the building in the photo above share the social relationship and see a Facebook was successful step by step; Flickr photos can only continue to stay in the store and share in the field of old piaffe and soon after Instagram and a number of new service appear, but also will be from their traditional site Flickr to play out.
Social opportunity missed
In fact, the real value is not Flickr photos share such act, but building in the photo sharing behavior of the above social relationship. In a most people still don’t know what s social network is, has been Red Bottom Shoes For Women relying on Flickr photo sharing construct a social network between users.
Flickr or the first users of the concept of product practice circle, the relationship between the user and the user not only the traditional friends/the good friend, such as a user can will another user on the “family” group and don’t need each other and good friends. The user can send the photos to set a “private” only to be his view, also can share to the designated one of users, can also according to different groups to share, such a flexible set largely encouraged users to share and between comments and interaction, and good results have been achieved.
However, Yahoo did not have any intention in this respect, when Yahoo’s acquisition of these services, in fact, for a ridiculous reason to – at that time, Yahoo has just been the Google search engine boss position squeeze down, Yahoo The company’s executives trying to integrate more resources to recapture the position.
Yahoo acquired Flickr, reason is that Flickr has a good social relationships and user viscosity, while the photos in the Flickr database, these photos are the proper classification, labeling, annotation and circle of people. Classification, labeling and annotation, and so information is very easy to index, so that Yahoo acquired Flcikr the scope and resources of its search engine index will be greatly enhanced. Yahoo acquired Flickr, not to the user community, but by the Flickr data to improve search engine performance to defeat Google.
, Flickr is a leading social networking. At that time Facebook has also been confined to the campus of the University, and Mark Zuckerberg opposition and delays in providing photo-sharing service. On Flickr group, the circle of people, labels and annotations contained in the various relationships of information could have been used to collate build social networks. Sadly, for the old concept of Yahoo, Flickr, the full value of its database to improve search.
Flickr team and a lot of people within the Yahoo already aware of Facebook in the future and value of social and repeatedly warned that Facebook jumped the university campus to provide services to the community as a whole, Yahoo no longer turn, however the body in the social came. However, until 2008, Yahoo began to realize that social networking value, but then Facebook has been very strong.
The defeat of the mobile market
If we say Yahoo’s Flickr to miss the trend of social networking is still an understandable strategy mistakes, the next performance in the mobile market is a thorough defeat. Flickr in the era of mobile platforms are extremely poor, leading to the fate of its ultimate marginalization.
In fact, Flickr started in the mobile market and not too late. As early as 2006, Flickr has begun to provide well optimized mobile version of the interface, the iPhone and Android has not yet appeared. The availability of mobile version of the site very well, in the popular intelligence and non-smart phones have a good display. But have to admit that yes, this mobile version is still subject to the phone browser, unable to meet many basic needs. For example, can not directly upload photos from the phone, users want to upload a photo can Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2NE1 only send mail.
In 2008, the iOS the App Store on-line, Android devices began to appear, the importance of mobile applications began to slowly emerge. Users do not want to open the first pictures Jeremy Scott Adidas of the camera, then open the photo of photo editing software modification, and finally the photo via e-mail sent to Flickr. Users need is an instant shooting, landscaping and sharing mobile client tools. The Flickr team is well aware of this trend, has as yet unable to make any response. – Yahoo’s internal they do not have permission to own a mobile phone client.
Yahoo internal mobile strategy, Marco Boerries, this is a talented young 16-year-old developed a set of text processing tools, and eventually developed into the office suite StarOffice.
Marco Boerries mobile strategy called “connected living” Connected Life. In his vision, all data such as contacts, photos, music, documents and e-mail can be seamlessly between the computer desktop and mobile device synchronization, which is now the major cloud service thinking almost exactly the same.
Marco Boerries cloud synchronization idea was too far ahead, while he himself is a paranoid. This strategy the slow progress in the end in abortion, Flickr, mobile applications and therefore the delay can not be released. Chief architect before Flickr’s Kellan Elliot-McCrea recalls on Quora:
“Marco Boerries, Yahoo executives was the most hated team Flickr depressed is that back in 2006, they began to try to develop mobile applications, However, these efforts have been mercilessly strangled.”
Until September 2009, the first official Flickr applications was slowly added to our catalog on App Store, and users of its evaluation is very poor. The Flickr application can not be a one-time upload multiple photos, photo resolution will automatically be reduced to the 450 × 600, the upload will remove the photo EXIF ??information, users have suffered a blow with anticipation as a user in the App Store, evaluation, wrote: “Flickr’s official application to all can upload photos to the Flickr application to experience the worst its a waste of time so bad, download the application might as well continue to use e-mail it is bagecathy ljy 2012-7-5 to publish a photo.”
Flickr official application there is no way to directly processed photos, and almost all the photographic applications already simple scaling and modification processing. Soon after, a camera, you can automatically add the filter can also Glow In The Dark Air Jordans For Sale quickly upload application and achieved great success, the name of this application is called as Instagram.
Flickr, in the mobile space has become a complete loser. Until now, the Flickr photography class list of applications in the App Store only in 64.
Replaced CEO, cut a large number of items, Yahoo re-started the attention from Flickr, all too late. When Flickr’s active users is now very far away from it. Many people’s Flickr updates are only automatic synchronization of the Instagram photos they upload photos to the Facebook, Path and 500px these places are becoming more and more. Flickr pressure in the bed like that old album, you will occasionally come up to looking through the recollection of his early enjoyment, issued a number of “lost time, day and night!” Sigh. Then you close the album, took out his mobile, open as Instagram.


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