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Flu Vaccine Protects Everyone From Influenza

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In past flu seasons, there has been confusion about flu shot recommendations, with some thinking only high risk individuals like pregnant women and seniors should be vaccinated. All that has changed since expanded flu vaccination guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urge everyone aged six months and older to get a flu vaccine. The reason is simple: Flu vaccine saves lives.

Every flu season the general public is encouraged to get an annual flu vaccine. And, each year a large segment of the population ignores this good advice. One reason given by people who avoid a flu vaccine is that the flu is “not that serious.” Perhaps they recall having a mild case of flu in the past, or believe flu is no worse than a bad cold. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. The flu can be both deadly and unpredictable. Even healthy young adults may find themselves suddenly seriously ill or even hospitalized from complications stemming from influenza. Health experts agree that getting a flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

For decades, public health experts have promoted the safety and effectiveness of flu vaccine when it comes to fighting flu. Although summer is still in full swing and many have their minds on vacation plans, the fact is, flu season is almost here. While many families relax at the beach, healthcare providers have already purchased flu vaccine and are busy making plans for fall flu clinics. Employer groups, too, are making it easy for people to get their flu vaccine at work, eliminating one more excuse people may have for skipping their vaccination.

Getting an annual flu vaccine protects you from the flu virus, and has the added benefit of protecting those you interact with. Loved ones and coworkers all benefit when you make the smart decision to get an annual flu vaccine.

A flu vaccine is the number one way to stop the infectious spread of influenza, and also the easiest. With the coming 2012-13 flu season, healthcare providers know that the flu virus is nothing to sneeze at and since last year’s s flu season was mild, many are bracing for a more severe outbreak this year.

Although flu season lasts from October through January, people should begin receiving their annual flu vaccine as early as September, if it is available. Getting immunized early will keep you protected throughout flu season which often peaks in severity in January or later. Receiving an annual flu vaccine will not only protect you, but also everyone you come in contact with.

Each year the flu kills more people than all vaccine-preventable diseases combined. No matter what you’ve heard, the flu is not just a very bad cold. The easiest and most effective way to begin turning that statistic around is for everyone to get an annual flu vaccine for all age groups from infants to senior citizens. Schedule yours today. Flu vaccine saves lives.

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