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Flying youth

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Each person Ken Griffey Shoesonly young once, you can not return. We need a cheerful enjoyment and then, slowly taste. As time passes, we are quick to grow, also come to realize the bitter with the sweet of life, aware of the helplessness of life, but also appreciate the things we have experienced to bring us unprecedented cheerful.
The literature is also a good medicine, to bring us enlightenment. The human mind is a broad and lofty, literature, your eyes; the world is the need to go with a bright lit, literature is your torch; life is to depict the need to dream, literature is your wings. The literary creation is endless courses and learning of the door, just keep the faith, perseverance, perseverance, and always get a better harvest.
Like reading books, like the novel of youth, which the emotion is Cheap Foampositesso real and hot. “Youth, less than the ears, the youth in the summer, hot and innocent … these youth prose, although the older generation of their young love, but everyone will have such period of time, to find love, so it there is no a barrier. The 17-year-old age is full of longing for the opposite sex, this kind of love always makes us enjoy the beauty of life, feel cumairece 6/28 the subtle changes in people’s hearts.
The young age of love, like the color of the sky photographed countless ordinary days, pure, transparent light blue, as people moved. Die a natural death of love, youth cool and bright and sunny face, the dark, warm and thick hug, a kiss, it is cold and burning, emitting sweet pure breath. The future of love, pale blossom in the 17-year-old youth branches, crumbling. Do not know how to love, but clinging to each other hold up a sky, which is young and stubborn and persistent, can be forgiven for hasty and impulsive. The youthful body was his breakthrough in the way of growth, even Air Griffey Max 2 for Salemediocre, even if injured, but also something to be proud, because there is no substitute for the grand sense. Will quietly tell you, these fine traces of life left, the price of love, like to meet many years later, in the years to gradually mature and the vicissitudes of the side faces, only eyes, still as before.
Anne’s text sometimes reveals a trace of sadness, but unlike Guo Jinming as always revealed layers of sad.
Young and frivolous, we struck up a conversation with a stranger broke into boisterous play after a day, respectively but do not know each other’s title, contact information; and lie friends Buzuibugui young youth dissolute uninhibited until the dead of night … , dissolute, but rather sad, young and wrong, only to escape to hide, but not expansive Ken Griffey Shoes 2012recognition, here is full of bitter and sour …
The youth are always full storage poetry and fantasy, the mind is always flying to the far, far away place. Juvenile time and always have a lot of trouble, some impossible to solve, and will not be able to talk, began to head down to walk, agonizing over the entire heart was clouded, if a day can suddenly see the light, the sun will come through thick and gloomy clouds in the pale youth , re-face lift, the Xiaoying life every confront the rain dark greetings from the sky, so yearned for the vast expanse of space open, no longer bow to no longer narrow.
This is the Griffey Shoesyouth, insolent youth, until grown up, memories of the season, the youth will bring us a feeling. Yes no regrets? Is chuckle original? Are helpless?


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