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Flywire footwear, Nike’s innovation kitchen’s

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Flywire footwear, Nike’s innovation kitchen’s Creative Director, Jay, the founder of? defaults to penetration (Jay Meschter) 2008 developed this ** upper technologies. Upper thickness of less than 1 mm, and only rely on thin support, this is the NIKE Flywire technology, a pursuit of ultra lightweight and durable upper supporting technology, high strength thin like a suspension bridge cable, the hairline precision design of the foot needs to support the position of the parts. Dependence on Flywire technology, Nike can design the most light, strongest ** shoes by vamp material requirements reduced to the same extent of barefoot, so shoe-making a change in the way. Benefit from this innovative technology, trail running spikes with Flywire technology can now weight less than 100 grams, so the weight is unprecedented, and running shoes is still losing its durability, integrity, and support functions. A few years later maybe Jay? TT did not expect such a penetrating still widely adopted new shoes to use technology. This Muscovy to classic of Nike Air Max 95 vamp shape for main, while shoes body to classic of Flywire technology mainly material, but Nike Air Max 95 waves of vamp pattern still looming of retained down, and yiqian min body opened window air cushion also was domineering of full Palm opened window AIR MAX 360 degrees air cushion by instead of, full has fashion tide sense and provides more powerful of comfortable degrees, Nike this year again jointly EA Sports launched recent publishing of men training shoes Nike Lunar TR1 new “Orange power” ‘ NCAA Football ‘ 13 ‘, color scheme inspiration from legend figures Barry Sanders and he University is located of Russian carats Homer University cowboy team of team color, had in University era single season on even broken 35 items NCAA personal records of Barry Sanders is this a quarter ‘ NCAA Football ‘ 13 ‘ of cover figures. VIA
Famous ** shoes specializes in JD Sports shoes store and Nike has always had close ties, this store launched making new Nike Air Force 1 Low is one of the classic, and it became United Kingdom ** shoes monopoly of famous retailers. This time JD Sports remain simple and concise as usual design concept introduced a new design of new Nike Air Force 1 Low, three colors and the quality of this simple suede shoes. Black mix on the main shaft of the Lake blue lace, inner lining, and Swoosh. White under the end of collocation in the Lake blue rubber outsole decorative embellishment. Mache sneakers personal custom home once again bring us new works, in view of the Nike Basketball is still not big, Mache lead to MVP for inspiration for your own to create a pair of LeBron MVP don’t note 9 Elite. White Gold LeBron 9 Elite design blueprint, vamp select red/black gradient color schemes on behalf of LeBron Miami Heat team win the regular-season MVP, and the uppers of gold on behalf of LeBron holds the overall championship of the year, in sneakers Nike official design has been added inside Mache “MVP” logo. VIA beiligong players (in red) on defensive actions generally too large, hand mannerisms. Reporter photo by Liao Yi home 1:2 to students
Yesterday afternoon, League matches in the 22nd round of the final game, Guangdong Sunray cave in the case of advanced a ball is even the Beijing Polytechnic University into two balls, eventually defeated 1:2. In this way, Guangdong Sunray cave also completely fell into in Baoji circle. Guangdong army is the collective low self-confidence no Brazil new handsome Ricardo led the 3rd game since taking office, he made of 1-1 record before. This wheel and beiligong game originally scheduled for Saturday, but because you want to live television, Sunray cave Club pushed to the game yesterday afternoon. In the past the whole week preparing for, Ricardo main walkthrough for the defense, especially the Placement of Defense. But this has nothing to do in this game is reflected. The last 3 rounds, Sunray teams almost every game have to pay cost of 1 ~2 of the players were injured. This war, Leung Chun Pong, Victoria, ahwar, Reinaldo etc GE Zhen, and per capita injuries in the body.In desperation, Ricardo ruled out attacking line consisting of a China-wide class first. After the opening, fans surprised to discover that Sunray this lineup did not meet, frequent blind Golf, and most of the players are confident no, frequently appear lower-level errors. 25 minutes, Yin Hongbo frontcourt by sending a shot of an exact straight balls, Li Jian left foot ball tuishe the ball through goalkeeper crotch rolled into yuanjiao. When fans think Sunray after scoring play of the home when the momentum, the match has entered a strange direction. 28 minutes, beiligong front of Beck, obtain free kick opportunities, Rodriguez threw the ball penalty in the restricted area, without marking them before Wang Chao and swing head rub, rolled the ball into the yuanjiao, Li Weijun’s influence was small, both in 1:1. The second half, Ricardo had to put on wounds ahwar, who, trying to use his speed impact each other’s defense, but will have little effect. 71 minutes, Sunray backcourt foul, Rodriguez free kick directly to knock at the door, he made a record “wave in the world”, Li Weijun struggling to swoop to no avail. In this way, beiligong turning defeat into victory, over 8 rounds be embarrassed, Sunray has dropped to 12th place in the standings, and last only 6 points short. In the final 8 round, Sunray’s first task is to “Baoji”. Ricardo also believes that after the game the team played extremely unsatisfactory, home not out of aggression, he felt that the League closer to the collector, each game is intense, it’s hard to beat. “Beiligong mode” how far can go? Beiligong team has been established for more than 10 years, 5 years in the League is also in a gang leader. Jin Zhiyang soccer in the eyes of the host, “beiligong mode” is a bright development orientation of Chinese football. But in the last two years, every group in the last paragraph, all around the beiligong “miracle” will be staged. “This is a team that does not degrade” has become in the fact that people had to be the default. In this war, for example, while the final defeat of the Guangdong army is a direct result of playing bad, but beiligong player on many “beneath contempt” defensive actions generally too large, hand mannerisms, fraud and fraud hurt cramp delay time frequency is beyond mental range of fans. Beiligong coach Yuan Wei after the game is, to put it mildly think beiligong players are young, inexperienced, and not adapted to the hot weather, they did not knowingly used “foul tactics” and “delaying tactics” to achieve victory. Beiligong this “College football” models incompatible with the current environment of Chinese professional football, neither market attractiveness, is temporarily difficult to a productive contribution of China football talent.How far they can go? In fact many people have been made in good faith: beiligong to participate in a experiment has ended, they really homing college students or participate in the China League. Beiligong should not blindly participate in professional football, but should itself as a leader, pulling the overall level of Chinese College students ‘ League promoted.
Recently, adidas originals exposure of their latest design Consortium ZX 500 model. And from this shoes released pictures, its mix of suede and nylon material, as well as basic retains the prototype specifications and other characteristics of retro running shoes, so that its overall design can be considered satisfactory. But the whole pair of shoes most people’s eyes light up, also like to say that is the first year of its 1984 OG color schemes, it can also be said that this is one not to be missed classic shoes. United States Street skateboard trend brand Vans its high-end extension Vans Vault and American day ethnic designers Taka Hayashi again cooperation launched has 2012 autumn series of Chukka LX, shoes body used has waxing waterproof cotton canvas and high Horween Leather of mixed material, and mix leather material laces, rendering out mature high-end characteristics, total black, Brown and blue three paragraph color scheme version, is expected to soon will will in Vans Vault official sale.Converse on July 20 upcoming movies Batman: Dark Knight rising special cooperation with the DC Comics company launched the Chuck Taylor All Star of “The Dark Knight Rises” Dark Knight rising series, covering poison Bane and Batman versions two different patterns, since its fall 2010 in collaboration with DC Comics, this is the series for the seventh quarter of cooperation of the two brands, This series of shoes will be Journeys stores and its official online shop ** on sale. ]

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